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Ryman Frey
House Frey.png
Title Ser
Allegiance House Frey
Born In Between 248 AL and 258 AL [1]
Died In 300 AL, at Near the Twins
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (Mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Feast for Crows (Appears)
A Dance with Dragons (Mentioned)

Ser Ryman Frey is the eldest son of Ser Stevron Frey and second in line to inherit the title of Lord of the Crossing when his grandfather Lord Walder Frey dies.[2]

Appearance & Character

Ryman is a portly man of great appetites, prone to gluttony, drunkenness and whoring. His face is broad and fleshy and, according to Lady Catelyn, stupid. Ryman has small eyes.[3][4] He is reported to have a bad belly.[2]

Robb Stark considers him dull-witted as a stone.[5] Unlike his father, he never received Lord Walder's grooming on family values. According to Merrett Frey, he is stubborn and greedy.[6]


Ser Ryman participated in the Tourney at Lannisport, the tourney that was held to celebrate Robert I's victory in the Greyjoy Rebellion. He was defeated by the eventual champion, Lord Jorah Mormont.[7]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When Ser Stevron Frey dies following the wounds he received in the Battle of Oxcross, his son Ryman becomes heir of Lord Walder Frey. Learning about the death of Ser Stevron by Maester Luwin in Winterfell, Big Walder Frey and Little Walder Frey discuss the line of succession in their house. Little Walder asks Big Walder whether Ryman, who he thinks is past 40 already and has a bad belly, will eventually become Lord of the Crossing, to which he receives an indifferent answer by Big Walder. The two are reprimanded by Maester Luwin for not showing much grief over Ser Stevron.[2]

Ryman participates in Robb Stark's campaign in the Westerlands. When Edmure Tully tells his sister Catelyn that he called upon Ser Helman Tallhart to bring his force at the Twins down to the Trident to join with the army of Lord Roose Bolton, Lady Catelyn criticizes him, pointing out that Robb left those men at the Twins to guarantee that Lord Walter keeps faith with House Stark. Edmure dismisses her suggestion, pointing out that the Freys have clearly proven their commitment to the northern cause and referring to Ser Raymund fighting with Robb in this context, among other examples.[8]

A Storm of Swords

After Robb Stark marries Jeyne Westerling, slighting House Frey, Ryman strikes Robb's banner and leads his forces back to the Twins. He even takes Robb's squire Olyvar along, although Olyvar asks to remain with the King in the North. Robb later explains to Lady Catelyn that, if Ser Stevron Frey had still been alive, he might have been able to make amends with the Freys in his host, but that was not possible with the kinds of Ryman and his son Black Walder.[5]

When Robb Stark arrives at the Twins for the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, Ryman and his three sons ride out to welcome him. Robb's direwolf Grey Wind receives the Freys with hostilty, causing Petyr Frey's horse to rear and throw him down. Ryman helps his son back on the feet. He points out that the Stark host has arrived late and Robb explains that they have been delayed by the weather. Ryman notes that "the woman", meaning Robb's wife Jeyne, is not present, receiving Robb's answer that she remained at Riverrun. Ryman asks the guests to come into the castle and himself takes the unmounted Petyr on his horse.[3]

According to Merrett Frey, Ryman is one of the principal architects of the Red Wedding, together with Lord Walder and Lord Roose Bolton.[6] During the wedding feast, he sits next to Lady Catelyn and drinks a lot of wine. Lady Catelyn notices that he perspirates a lot and that not even a bath in lemonwater he apparently took can suppress that much sour sweat. When she tries to make smalltalk and lauds his sisters for their dancing, Ryman replies that they are rather aunts and cousins, making Lady Catelyn think that he is a sour man. Robb sits down next to his mother and inquires from Ryman whether Olyvar could squire for him again, pointing out that the boy doesn't seem to be present. Ryman replies that Olyvar is away from the Twins on some duty. After Robb has left, Lady Catelyn asks Ryman about his cousin who is a singer and whether he is going to perform on the occasion. Ryman replies that his name is Alesander and points out his sister Alyx who is dancing with Robin Flint, but explains that Alesander is also not present at the wedding. He then excuses himself and staggers to the door. After the Freys have begun attacking their guests, Lady Catelyn realizes the implications of Ryman telling her that Olyvar and Alesander are absent. Ryman, now in his armor, storms back into the hall followed by soldiers armed with heavy longaxes. He kills Dacey Mormont by thrusting his axe into her stomach. When Lady Catelyn holds a dagger to the troat of Jinglebell to trade his life for Robb's, Ryman and his son Black Walder are circling behind her back.[9]

After the Red Wedding, Ryman takes two thousand spears to meet with Ser Daven Lannister and Ser Forley Prester to begin the Second Siege of Riverrun.[10]

When his son Petyr is taken hostage by the Brotherhood Without Banners, Merrett Frey volunteers to deliver the ransom, believing this would put him in the good graces of Ryman and prevent him from kicking Merrett and his family out of the Twins when Ryman succeeds Lord Walder.[6]

A Feast for Crows

As heir of Lord Walder, Ryman commands the Frey forces at the Second Siege of Riverrun, with the camp located north of the Tumblestone and hosting the largest of the three forces besieging the castle. He leaves the planning to his son Edwyn, so he can spend his time drinking and whoring. His camp is disorderly and Ryman allows his men to spend their days pursuing all sorts of amusements, including with camp followers. To upstage Genna Lannister, who has brought a singer to the Lannister camp, Ryman hires a singer for his camp as well, who, however, is Tom of Sevenstreams and secretly a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners.[11][4]

Ryman's main contribution to the siege is building a large gallows, on which Lord Edmure Tully has to stand with a noose around the neck all day. The threat of execution is meant to make Edmure's uncle, Ser Brynden Tully, capitulate, but instead it hardens the Blackfish's stance. The Freys have a large stock of provisions, but Ryman refuses to share with the forces led by Ser Daven Lannister and Ser Forley Prester, leaving them to rely on foraging, during which their men are sometimes caught and killed, apparently by the Brotherhood Without Banners. In a half-drunken state, Ryman rides to the gate of Riverrun and tries to threaten Ser Brynden into submission. However, the Blackfish merely states that he won't waste fair words on foul men and puts an arrow into Ryman's horse, causing the panicked animal to throw him off, making him a laughing stock to his allies and enemies.[11]

When Ser Jaime Lannister arrives at Riverrun to end the siege, he is informed about Ryman's behavior by his cousin Ser Daven, who goes so far as saying that he would gladly kill Ryman and some of the other Freys.[11] Jaime assembles a war council, but Ryman does not attend it, sending his son Edwyn with the excuse that he is indisposed, which, as Ser Daven points out, merely means that he is drunk. When Edwyn takes offense at the alleged insult, Jaime asks whether it is true, to which Edwyn explains that his father has stomach problems and wine helps him with his digestion.[4]

Jaime goes to the Frey camp for talking Lord Edmure on his gallows into commanding a capitulation of Riverrun. On his way, Jaime notices that, instead of being indisposed, Ryman is entertaining a whore in his tent with Tom of Sevenstreams singing to it. Ryman stumbles drunkly to the gallows, his prostitute in tow. She has Robb Stark's crown on her head and states that Ryman crowned her as the Queen of Whores. Jaime is so fed up with Ryman's poor behavior and inept leadership that, when he ignores the advise to remain silent in Jaime's presence and protests the Kingsguard knight's assumed plan to execute Edmure for real, Jaime strikes Ryman with his golden hand and removes him from his position, replacing him with his son Edwyn. Jamie commands Ryman to leave the camp at once.[4]

On his way back to the Twins, Ryman and the 15 men making up his escort are captured and hanged near Fairmarket, presumably by the Brotherhood Without Banners. When Jaime learns about this, Edwyn Frey accuses him of having his father's blood on his hands, then suggests his own brother Black Walder might have been involved in the murder, although Black Walder is currently stationed at Seagard. Jaime notices that Edwyn is not mourning his father particularly and suspects that might be true for most Freys. Still, Jaime is bothered by the audacity of the outlaws who kill the heir to the Crossing not far away from his family's castle.[12]

A Dance with Dragons

Ser Jaime Lannister ends the siege of Raventree Hall and demands Lord Tytos Blackwood's bookish son Hoster as hostage. When Hoster does not seem to take the situation seriously, Jaime reminds Lord Tytos that his son will die, if he doesn't keep his word. In this context, Jaime stresses that he is no Ryman Frey, meaning that, unlike the farce Ryman staged with Lord Edmure Tully, Jaime is ready to execute a prisoner.[13]


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