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Saath is located in Essos
Essos west of the Bone Mountains and the location of Saath

Saath is a city in northern Essos at the western end of the Sarne delta along the Shivering Sea. It is west of Vaes Graddakh and southwest of Morosh. Saath is connected by a Valyrian road to Vaes Khadokh farther to the south.[1]


Saath is a small port with white walls.[2] The people of Saath still call themselves Tagaez Fen, or Tall Men, after the Sarnori of old. The city has managed to survive with the support of Ib and Lorath.[3] The people of Saath often trade with the Lorathi colony of Morosh.[4]


Saath and its sister city, Sarys, fought the Ibbenese for control over the mouth of the Sarne on several occasions.[5]

Saath is the last surviving remnant of the Kingdom of Sarnor, as the other Sarnori cities, including Sarys, were destroyed by the Dothraki during the Century of Blood.[3]


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