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Allegiance Antler Men
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (mentioned)

Salloreon is a master armorer in King's Landing. He is an older man and richly dressed.[1]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Salloreon is one of the smiths approached by Tyrion Lannister to build his monstrous chain. He complains about being given work only fit for a common smith, and offers to forge Tyrion a suit of armor and a demon's head helm. Tyrion replies that he can either make chains or wear them.[1]

He later joined the Antler Men, a group of rich merchants, tradesman, and crafters who conspired to aid Stannis Baratheon in taking King's Landing. He was arrested.[2]

During the Battle of the Blackwater, captured Antler Men have antlers nailed to their heads and are flung over the walls of King's Landing by the three great trebuchets called the Three Whores.[3]

References and Notes