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Sandstone is a type of rock, commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.


Sandstone may come in red[1] or yellow.[2]


The seat of House Qorgyle in Dorne is called Sandstone.[3]

The outer walls, the inner keep and the sept of Riverrun are built with red sandstone.[4][5][1]

The merlons of the seat of House Hollard were made of yellow sandstone.[2]

The outer wall of the triple walls of Qarth is made of red sandstone and richly decorated with animals.[6]

The walls of Selhorys are made of sandstone.[7]

Meereen and Lhazar are separated by a range of rounded sandstone mountains that can be crossed via the Khyzai Pass.[8]

There is a slanting sandstone ridge three leagues south of Yunkai.[9]

Sunspear is made of sandstone.[10]

Great sandstone cliffs can be found in the Red Mountains separating the stormlands and Dorne.[11]

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