Sar Mell

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Sar Mell is located in Free Cities
Sar Mell
Western Essos and the location of Sar Mell

Sar Mell is a ruined city of the Rhoynar that sits on the eastern bank of the Rhoyne to the north of Volantis in western Essos. Almost directly across the river to the west sits the city of Volon Therys.[1]


During the Rhoynish Wars, Sar Mell, a pale city known for its flowers, fought with nearby Volon Therys, a colony of the Valyrian Freehold. Sar Mell was burned during the First Turtle War, while Volon Therys was flooded with Rhoynish water magic. Sar Mell was ruined during the Second Spice War and its people were enslaved by Valyria.[2]