Sea Dragon Point

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The north and the location of Sea Dragon Point
The north and the location of Sea Dragon Point
Sea Dragon Point
The north and the location of Sea Dragon Point

Sea Dragon Point is a forested peninsula west of the wolfswood in the north.[1] It juts out into the Bay of Ice.[2]


Thinly-populated Sea Dragon Point contains hills and bogs. Ancient strongholds of the First Men have fallen into ruins, while its highest hills contain weirwood circles of the children of the forest. Wildlife include otters in lakes, salmon in rivers, clams along the shore, and colonies of seals. Sea Dragon Point has a hundred hidden coves and pine forests useful for ship-building.[3] It is unknown if sea dragons live or have lived in the neighboring sea.


At some point after the Long Night, the Kings of Winter, House Stark of Winterfell, conquered Sea Dragon Point from the Warg King and his allies, the children of the forest.[4] The ironmen of the Iron Islands have also held the peninsula at times.[5]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Asha Greyjoy sails past Sea Dragon Point before her taking of Deepwood Motte.[6]

A Feast for Crows

After speaking with Lady Sybelle Glover, the captured wife of Robett Glover, Asha believes that northmen would cede Sea Dragon Point and the Stony Shore if the ironborn return Deepwood Motte, Torrhen's Square, and Moat Cailin.[7] In her candidacy for Queen of the Iron Islands at the kingsmoot, Asha tries to convince the ironborn to make peace with the north. However, the assembled ironmen instead choose Euron Greyjoy's plan to expand their war.[8]

A Dance with Dragons

Asha hopes she can hold Sea Dragon Point and develop it into a kingdom of her own.[3]


Tristifer: You are clinging to Sea Dragon Point the way a drowning man clings to a bit of wreckage. What does Sea Dragon have that anyone could ever want? There are no mines, no gold, no silver, not even tin or iron. The land is too wet for wheat or corn.

Asha: What's there? I'll tell you. Two long coastlines, a hundred hidden coves, otters in the lakes, salmon in the rivers, clams along the shore, colonies of seals offshore, tall pines for building ships.

Tristifer: Who will build these ships, my queen? Where will Your Grace find subjects for her kingdom if the northmen let you have it? Or do you mean to rule over a realm of seals and otters?[3]


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