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| commander2 = Lord [[Stannis Baratheon]]<br>Lord [[Paxter Redwyne]]
| commander2 = Lord [[Stannis Baratheon]]<br>Lord [[Paxter Redwyne]]
| strength1 = [[Iron Fleet]]
| strength1 = [[Iron Fleet]]
| strength2 = Royal Fleet
| strength2 = Royal Fleet<br>Ships from the Arbor and Oldtown
| casualties1 = [[Iron Fleet]] scattered
| casualties1 = [[Iron Fleet]] scattered
| casualties2 = unknown
| casualties2 = unknown

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Battle of Fair Isle
Conflict Greyjoy's Rebellion
Place off Fair Isle
Result Decisive royal victory
House Greyjoy House Baratheon
Lord CaptainVictarion Greyjoy
Euron Greyjoy
Lord Stannis Baratheon
Lord Paxter Redwyne
Iron Fleet Royal Fleet
Ships from the Arbor and Oldtown
Iron Fleet scattered unknown

The Battle of Fair Isle was a pivotal sea battle off of Fair Isle in the westerlands during Greyjoy's Rebellion.


After Victarion and Euron Greyjoy burned the Lannister fleet at anchor at Lannisport, King Robert I Baratheon brought the fleets commanded by Lords Stannis Baratheon and Paxter Redwyne up to deal with the longship threat of the Iron Islands. Stannis's fleet was sent to deal with the Iron Fleet.


Stannis caught Victarion in a trap and smashed his fleet off Fair Isle.[1]


With the threat of the Iron Fleet diminished, King Robert I was able to land in the Iron Islands and put down Greyjoy's Rebellion. Aeron Greyjoy, the younger brother of Victarion and Euron, was captured after his ship was sunk by the Fury.[1]

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