Second Blackfyre Rebellion

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Bloodraven takes Daemon II Blackfyre prisioner - by Marc Simonetti ©

The Second Blackfyre Rebellion took place in 211 AC.[1] It began at Whitewalls, during the Whitewalls Tourney, where the hedge knight known as Ser John the Fiddler was revealed to be Daemon II Blackfyre.[2][3]

The Tourney

The marriage of Lord Ambrose Butterwell to a daughter of Lord Frey was used by some of those who had sided with House Blackfyre during the First Blackfyre Rebellion to come together along with those who resented the rule of Hand of the King Brynden Rivers and join their forces. Most of those who had fought for the Black Dragon in the original rebellion had their children taken as hostages, but most of those hostages had died during The Great Spring Sickness, which allowed their families to plot once more.[2]

The organizers of the tourney, mainly Ser Tommard Heddle and Lord Gormon Peake, convinced Lord Butterwell to name his dragon egg as the prize for the winner of the tourney. They attempted to rig the tourney so that Daemon Blackfyre would win. The plot was foiled by the intervention of Ser Duncan the Tall and the prowess of Ser Glendon Flowers in tourney. The dragon egg had been stolen and Ser Glendon was framed for the deed, due to his refusal to loose from Daemon in the lists. The missing egg was even found to be in his possessions. He was arrested and thrown in a cell. However, Ser Duncan slew Ser Tommard Heddle in single combat and revealed the egg that had been 'found' in Ser Glendon's saddlebags was in fact a painted stone. The real dragon egg was still missing. Daemon had been unaware of the plots, and was unsure who to believe. He ordered a trial by joust, during which Ser Glendon unhorsed Daemon on the first pass.[2]

The Rebellion

News spread throughout the castle that Lord Brynden Rivers was marching on the castle with three of the Kingsguard, his three hundred Raven's Teeth, and five hundred knights and five thousand infantry from the Crownlands and Riverlands. These were drawn from Houses Darklyn, Hayford, Massey, Rosby, Stokeworth, Mooton, Lothston, and House Blackwood, the house of Rivers' mother. Daemon called for the men within the castle to fight to the death but was laughed off by the fighting men. Daemon then marched out and offered single combat and was promptly taken prisoner by Lord Rivers, thus ending the Second Rebellion before it actually began.[2]


Lord Butterwell kept only a tenth of his fortune and the castle Whitewalls was forfeit to the throne. The castle would be raised to the ground. Ser Tommard Heddle died at the hands of Ser Duncan the Tall and Lord Gormon Peake was executed for his part in the rebellion. Others were executed for their parts as well. Daemon was kept as a prisoner to prevent Bittersteel (who had refused to give Daemon the sword Blackfyre, nor had taken part in the rebellion) from naming Daemon's younger brother, Haegon the new Blackfyre King.[2]


{{The First Blackfyre Rebellion had perished on the Redgrass Field in blood and glory. The Second Blackfyre Rebellion, ended with a whimper. [2]}} - Duncan the Tall

Lords attending the wedding

  • Lord Ambrose Butterwell, the groom.
  • Lord Frey, the father of the bride.
  • Lord Gormon Peake, the leader of the intrigue. Had two of his three castles taken away for supporting the Black Dragon in the First Blackfyre Rebellion.
  • Lord Alyn Cockshaw, Daemon's childhood friend.
  • Lord Costayne, Lord Butterwell's son-in-law. Fought for the Black Dragon on the Redgrass Field.
  • Lord Risley, Lord Butterwell's son-in-law.
  • Lord Shawney, who fought for the Black Dragon on the Redgrass Field.
  • Lord and Lady Smallwood
  • Lord Joffrey Caswell
  • Lord and Lady Vyrwel
  • Lord Sunderland

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