Second Quarrel

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The Second Quarrel is one of the two recorded estrangements between King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his queen, Alysanne Targaryen. The quarrel began in 92 AC, when Jaehaerys decided to pass over his granddaughter Rhaenys, the only heir of his deceased eldest son Aemon, in favor of his son Baelon, in the line of succession. Alysanne, who had helped her husband rule for many years, believed there was no reason to favor a man over a woman, and felt that if Jaehaerys believed women to be of less use, he had no need of her.

Alysanne departed King's Landing and flew to Dragonstone on her dragon Silverwing, where she remained apart from Jaehaerys for two years. The couple reconciled in 94 AC, with the help of their daughter, Septa Maegelle, though they never reached accord on the succession. At the time Alysanne died in 100 AC, she was still insisting that her granddaughter Rhaenys and her children had been unfairly cheated of their rights.[1][2]


A ruler needs a good head and a true heart. A cock is not essential. If Your Grace truly believes that women lack the wit to rule, plainly you have no further need of me.[1]


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