Ser Pounce

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Ser Pounce
Tommen Baratheon TheMico.jpg
Tommen Baratheon and Ser Pounce

Allegiance Tommen Baratheon
Race Cat
Born In 300 AC, at the Red Keep
Book(s) A Feast for Crows
A Dance with Dragons

Ser Pounce is a pet kitten of King Tommen I, and a knight anointed through grace of the Seven by the king himself.[1] He is one of the three black kittens (Boots, Lady Whiskers and Ser Pounce) Margaery Tyrell gives Tommen.[2] Some readers believe that Ser Pounce may be "The Puss That Was Promised," and others believe that he could be the warg of Eddard Stark.

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Margaery Tyrell gives Tommen three black kittens.[2] Dorcas made Tommen a mouse from scraps of fur and tied it on a fishing pole. The kittens loved to chase it and Tommen liked nothing better than jerking it across the floor as the cats pounce on it.[3] Ser Pounce caught a mouse but Lady Whiskers stole it from him. When Tommen tells this to Cersei, she repies "Ser Pounce must learn to defend his right. In this world the weak are always the victims of the strong."[4]

A Dance with Dragons

When King Tommen dines with his mother, after her return to the Red Keep, and Ser Kevan Lannister he brings his kittens. At the dinner, Ser Pounce thwarts an assassination attempt on the king's life by the dark cat Balerion. Due to the vigilance of Ser Pounce, the king managed to escape Balerion's attack unscathed, a feat unmatched by Joffrey's kingsguard. Consequently, many fans have speculated that Ser Pounce may be given the white cloak.[5]

References and Notes