Shrouded Lord

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The Shrouded Lord
Alias His Grey Grace
The Prince of Sorrows
Allegiance Stone men
Book(s) A Dance with Dragons

The Shrouded Lord, also known as His Grey Grace and The Prince of Sorrows is a mysterious figure, said to rule the mists around the Sorrows since the time of Garin and to spread greyscale through "the grey kiss". According to some rumors, he is thought to be Garin himself, risen from his watery grave.

Others believe that there have been numerous Shrouded Lords, and when one dies another one takes his place; the one currently holding the title is a corsair from the Basilisk Isles.

Rolly Duckfield likes yet another version of the tale, in which the Shrouded Lord was a statue at first, and a grey woman from the fog kissed life to it with lips as cold as ice.[1]

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