Siege of Meereen

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Siege of Meereen
Date 299 AC
Place Meereen
Result Daenerys occupies Meereen
Daenerys Host Meereen Army
Daenerys Targaryen
Jorah Mormont
Grey Worm
Great Masters
10.000 Unsullied
10.000 Freedmen
Meereen City Watch
unknown unknown

Siege of Meereen, Daenerys Targaryen marched on Meereen, the last and the biggest of the greatest slaver cities of Slaver's Bay.


The Meereenese, warned by the fate of Astapor and Yunkai, did not allow for contacts being made with Daenerys, retreating behind the formidable defense of Meereen, they striped their land, leaving Daenerys with scorched fields and poisoned wells; and nailed disemboweled slave child up on every milepost along the coast road from Yunkai, with an outstretched arm point toward Meereen as message to Daenerys.[1]

Daenerys followed by twenty thousand soldiers and sixty thousand refugees from Astapor and Yunkai, was starved of supplies and couldn't afford a prolonged siege.[1]

A champion, Oznak zo Pahl, emerged to challenge Daenerys' champion in single battle, and was slain by Daenerys's eunuch bodyguard Strong Belwas, a former gladiator in Meereen.

Daenerys commanded her fleet to be dismantled, to construct battering rams, mantlets, turtles, catapults, and ladders.


The fighting had raged bitter and bloody for most of a day and well into the night, Daenerys sent rams, protected by great wooden turtle covered with horsehides, to batter the city gates, while her archers were firing flights of flaming arrows over the walls and her forces stormed the walls.[2]

At night fall she sent a diversion force, to fire up the hulks in the harbor, allowing Ser Jorah, Barristan Selmy, Strong Belwas and small force infiltrate the city sewers, undercover of darkness. once they found their way into the city, they went for the nearest fighting pit, releasing the slaves, within an hour, half the fighting slaves in Meereen had risen, soon after a ram broke through eastern gate and the defenders broke.[2]


In contrast to her previous Ghiscari occupations, Daenerys lingered at Meereen and installed herself as Queen. This was because at this time, she received word that her ruling council in Astapor had been overthrown by a tyrannical butcher resulting in much suffering. Not wanting to let this happen to Meereen, she decided to stay.[2]

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