Siege of Raventree

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Siege of Raventree
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 300 AL
Place Raventree Hall
Result House Lannister victory
House Blackwood House Bracken
House Lannister
Tytos Blackwood Jonos Bracken
Jaime Lannister
unknown 500
unknown unknown

The Siege of Raventree was one of the closing battles of the War of the Five Kings in the Riverlands.


After the Red Wedding, Tywin Lannister managed to persuade Lord Jonos Bracken to bend the knee and promised him that the lands of the Blackwoods would be given to Stone Hedge if they subdued Raventree Hall. Jonos had only sided with the Lannisters because the Blackwoods had stayed loyal to King Robb Stark.


Fighting was fierce at the castle and neither side triumphed. The rivalry between Blackwood and Bracken went back thousands of years so neither side asked or offered quarter.

When Jaime Lannister arrived though Tytos Blackwood surrendered to him, since Tytos Blackwood would never have surrendered to Jonos Bracken.


Lord Blackwood forfeited some lands to House Bracken and Lord Tytos had to give Jaime his son Hoster Blackwood as a hostage. The surrender of Raventree represented the last remnant of Robb Stark's brief Riverlands kingdom and now the entire nobility of the Riverlands have submitted to the Iron Throne.

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