Siege of Storm's End

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The Siege of Storm's End
War of the Usurper.png
Location 6, Factions:Baratheon. Stark. Tyrell. Lannister. Targaryen.
Conflict Robert's Rebellion
Date 282283 AC
Place Storm's End
Result Baratheon victory
House Baratheon
House Stark (late siege)
House Tyrell
Stannis Baratheon
Ser Gawen Wylde+
Smuggler Davos Seaworth
Lord Mace Tyrell
Lord Paxter Redwyne
Lord Mathis Rowan
Garrison of Storm's End Army of the Reach, significantly larger. Redwyne Fleet.
Gawen Wylde+
all horses, dogs, cats. Donal Noye lost his arm.

The Siege of Storm's End took place near the end of Robert's Rebellion. Lord Mace Tyrell and most of his forces from the Reach besieged Storm's End for the better part of a year. The siege was lifted only when Lord Eddard Stark arrived after the Sack of King's Landing and the Battle of the Trident.


Lord Robert Baratheon took the majority of the Stormland forces with him. He left his younger brother, Stannis, and a small garrison to hold Storm's End. Following Robert's defeat by the Tyrell host at the Battle of Ashford, driving Robert away from his base of power, the Tyrell host advanced directly on Storm’s End, laying siege to it.

The Siege

Lord Mace Tyrell descended on Storm's End with the Reach's host, while Lord Paxter Redwyne took the Arbor fleet and closed Shipbreaker Bay to all trade, essentially cutting Storm's End off. The siege continued for the better part of a year, with the garrison having to eat their horses, dogs and cats, and were nearly forced to eat their own dead.[1]

There was at least one breach in discipline, when the master-at-arms at Storm's End, Ser Gawen Wylde and three knights attempted to sneak out a postern gate and surrender. They were captured and later sent to a cell. Gawen died there during the siege.[2]

Fortunately, Davos Seaworth, a notorious smuggler, slipped through the Redwyne fleet’s lines and entered Storm’s End with a ship loaded with onions and salt fish for the starving garrison. This food allowed the garrison to survive long enough for Lord Eddard Stark to arrive and lift the siege.[3] There proved to be no battle, with the Battle of the Trident having already been fought, and as soon as Eddard and the rebels appeared on the field, Mace Tyrell dipped his banners.

Stannis successfully holding the castle aided the rebellion as it meant the Tyrell host could not join Rhaegar Targaryen's army, which would have swelled the ranks of House Targaryen at the Battle of the Trident.


Lord Mace dipped his banners and the Redwyne fleet was redirected to Dragonstone. The majority of the Reach's lords and knights were later pardoned by Robert for their part in the war.[4] Davos was given a knighthood for assisting the garrison.

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