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Queen Alysanne by Trishkell.jpg
Silverwing, being ridden by Queen Alysanne. © Green Ronin Publishing

Allegiance Alysanne Targaryen
Ulf the White
Race Dragon
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (Appears)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)
Queen Alysanne and Silverwing at Queenscrown. © guad

Silverwing was the dragon of Queen Alysanne Targaryen when she visited the Wall two hundred years ago.[1][2] Silverwing also fought in the civil war called the Dance of the Dragons.


When Queen Alysanne Targaryen grew bored while visiting Winterfell with her husband, King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, she mounted her dragon Silverwing and flew north to see the Wall, stopping at the village Queenscrown on the way.[3][1] Jaehaerys came after her on his own dragon, Vermithor.[2]

Like their riders, Silverwing and Vermithor became a mated pair. Even years after Jaehaerys I and Alysanne died, Vermithor and Silverwing "oft coiled about one another" in the fields.[4]

At the start of the Dance of the Dragons, Silverwing was one of the semi-wild dragons of Dragonmont on Dragonstone that the blacks tried to master with new dragonriders. Ulf the White eventually succeeded in claiming her and was ridden by him during the civil war.[4]

Silverwing took part in and survived the Battle in the Gullet. Along with Vermithor, Sheepstealer, Vermax and Seasmoke, Vermithor descended upon the ninety warships sailing under the banners of the Three Daughters.[4]

Along with Caraxes, Vermithor, and Sheepstealer, Silverwing made a lair in the Dragonpit before flying off to battle. During the Treasons of Tumbleton Vermithor and Silverwing were used by to the Two Betrayers to scourge the town with whips of flame from one end to the other.[4]

During the Second Battle of Tumbleton the riderless Vermithor rose into the air and was attacked from above by the only dragon with a rider: Seasmoke. Vermithor was no more than twenty feet above the battle when Seasmoke slammed into him from above, driving him shrieking into the mud.[4]

The riderless Blue Queen soon joined the fray and all three fought to the death on the ground amidst mud and blood and smoke. Vermithor killed Seasmoke when he locked his teeth into his neck and ripped his head off. He attempted to take flight with his prize still in his jaws but his tattered wings could not lift his weight. After a moment he collapsed and died.[4]

It is said that after dark Silverwing descended to land beside her slain cousins. Later, the singers would tell of how she tried to lift Vermithor’s wing three times with her nose, as if to try and make him fly again, but according to Archmaester Gyldayn this is most likely a fable.[4]

References in the books

The Princess and the Queen

Ridden by Ulf White, Silverwing fought in the Battle in the Gullet. Ulf and Hugh Hammer later switched to the greens in the Treasons of Tumbleton, with Silverwing and Vermithor burning the town. Ulf slept through the Second Battle of Tumbleton; Silverwing is said to have roused the dead Vermithor after the battle. Ulf then died from wine poisoned by Ser Hobert Hightower. Lord Unwin Peake offered a thousand golden dragons to any knight of noble birth able to ride Silverwing, but none succeeded.[4]

A Storm of Swords

Bran Stark mentions Silverwing to Meera and Jojen Reed when they arrive at Queenscrown.[3] Jon Snow tells Ygritte of Queen Alysanne's visit to the Wall many years ago.[1]

A Feast for Crows

While riding in the chain winch at the Wall, Samwell Tarly wonders if Silverwing may have left an egg at the Wall.[2]

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