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Sistermen are the inhabitants of the Three Sisters, an archipelago located in the Bite.


Some Sistermen have webbing between their hands and feet, which they call "the mark".[1]

Religion and customs

The Sistermen originally worshiped the Lady of the Waves and the Lord of the Skies instead of the old gods adopted by the First Men of the mainland. They would also cast dwarfs into the sea as an offering to the gods, but septons stopped the practice after the Andal invasion.[1]


They were a free people ruled by local kings, who also acted as pirate kings.[1] In response to the invasion of northmen known as the Rape of the Three Sisters, the Sistermen bent the knee to the Eyrie to expel the northmen, ending the era of native kings. The Arryn Kings of Mountain and Vale and Stark Kings in the North fought over the Three Sisters for a thousand years in the War Across the Water,[2] depleting much of the islands' resources.[1]

Some Sistermen still resent northmen.[1]

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