Snakewood (forest)

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The Vale and the location of the snakewood
The Vale and the location of the snakewood
The Vale and the location of the snakewood[1]

The snakewood is a forest in the north of the Vale of Arryn. According to semi-canon sources,[1] the snakewood is located north of the Vale proper, west and south of the Fingers, and extends west to the Mountains of the Moon. It is bounded by glacial rivers flowing through valleys to the narrow sea, with Coldwater Burn to the north and Heart's Home and Strongsong to the south.[1] House Lynderly have the title "Lord of the Snakewood"[2] and rule from their castle, which is also called Snakewood.[3]

The Lands of Ice and Fire depicts a forest in the vicinity of Heart's Home, although it does not extend as far as the castles of Snakewood, Coldwater, or Strongsong.[4]


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