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  • {{Hatnote|For the historical figure, see [[Sansa Stark (daughter of Rickon)]]}} | image = [[File:The North Remembers by Isabel Westling.jpg|300px]]
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  • ...High King of the Iron Islands, see [[Theon III Greyjoy]]. For the King in the North, see [[Theon Stark]]}} ...of the Iron Islands]]{{ref|ADWD|32}}<br>Theon Kinslayer{{ref|ADWD|46}}<br>The Prince of Stink{{ref|ADWD|51}}
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  • ...ndix|A Dance with Dragons]]'' state that Robett is the heir of Galbart. In the television adaptation ''[[Game of Thrones]]'' he is portrayed by [[w:Tim Mc ...ef|aDwD|29}} [[Arya Stark]] believes him to be a [[lord]] when she notices the proud way he holds his head and his whole bearing.{{Ref|aCoK|47}}
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  • ...nephew [[Joffrey Baratheon|Joffrey]] and insists he pay his sympathies to the Starks, before joining his [[Jaime Lannister|brother]] and [[Cersei Lannist ...the [[House Stark|Stark]]s would not notice it missing. Tyrion notes that the Starks can count past six, unlike some princes.
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  • ...aught to stop the dreams, but that night he dreams he is Summer trapped in the [[godswood]]. ...interfell]] in the evening and to hear the [[direwolf|direwolves]] sing to the stars.
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  • | place = Aboard the ''[[Myraham]]'', [[Lordsport]] and [[Pyke]] ...proposed alliance with Robb, instead insisting that he will [[Old Way|pay the iron price]] and carve out a kingdom of his own.
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  • ...the calf, believing the shot was fired by Ygritte. Jon gets away, forcing the horse to gallop for hours without rest, heading for Castle Black. *The synopsis was copied from Aol member vbkorik27 previously at[http://web.arch
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  • ...explains his rationale at the time of the [[Sack of King’s Landing]] and the murder of [[Elia Martell]] and her children. He also reveals that [[Arya St ...he thinks. He is tempted to ask what she prays for, but is afraid of what the answer would be.
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  • ...a]] is summoned from her house arrest. She is brought before the queen and the [[small council]]. There she is informed that her father is a traitor and i ...her beautiful prince and her father and at night she dreams of Joffrey on the throne with her beside him with everyone she knows coming before them to be
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  • At the [[Stony Shore]], [[Theon Greyjoy]] and his men have won an easy victory aga ...] to [[Torrhen's Square]] for a visit with Ser [[Helman Tallhart]]. During the entire fortnight, Theon had mocked Benfred's neck, to see how angry he coul
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  • | place = South of the [[Gods Eye]] ...urned village. When Arya goes to make water in the forest, she runs into a wolf pack, which scares her. She reports this to [[Yoren]], who laments they sho
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