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  • son of Lord [[Tywin Lannister]] of [[Casterly Rock]] and his wife, Lady [[Joanna Lannister|Joanna]], also of House Lannister. He is the twin brothe ...n of Ser [[Tywin Lannister]], the heir to [[Casterly Rock]], and his wife, Lady [[Joanna Lannister|Joanna]].{{Ref|TWOIAF| The Targaryen Kings: Aerys II}}{{
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  • ...that, on the night of Jaehaerys's coronation, Aerys took the maidenhead of Lady [[Joanna Lannister]], who had come to court for the celebrations.{{Ref|TWOI ...and was exceedingly fond of young beautiful women, filling the court with fair maidens from across the kingdoms. Some say he had as many mistresses as [[A
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  • ...r>''[[Mhysa]]''{{ref|ASOS|42}}<br>The silver queen{{ref|ADWD|6}}<br>Silver Lady{{ref|AGOT|61}}<br>Dragonmother{{Ref|aCoK|27}}<br>The dragon queen{{Ref|aDwD ...63/ Naerys Targaryen (March 9, 2006)]</ref> Daenerys has been described as fair,{{ref|ADWD|16}}{{Ref|ADWD|22}}{{Ref|ADWD|70}} and beautiful.{{Ref|ASOS|8}}{
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  • * The small [[sept]] was built for Lady [[Catelyn Stark|Catelyn Tully]], a [[southron]], by her husband, Lord Eddar ...lf)|Lady]] is buried in the [[lichyard]] of the First Keep.{{Ref|aGoT|53}} Lady [[Catelyn Stark]] appoints Ser [[Rodrik Cassel]] as castellan of Winterfell
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  • ...and Mina, and is a schemer ''par excellence''. Besides their marital ties, Lady Olenna's influence over House Tyrell gives the Redwynes a strong voice in t ..., the [[Redwyne fleet]] supported [[Stannis Baratheon]] in the [[Battle of Fair Isle]].{{Ref|TWOIAF| The Iron Islands: The Old Way and the New}}
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  • Lannisters have a reputation for being comely with fair, golden hair and emerald green eyes.{{ref|ACOK|2}}{{ref|ACOK|7}} ...rule to the [[Golden Tooth]], and [[Tommen I Lannister|Tommen I]] gained [[Fair Isle]]. [[Lancel I Lannister|Lancel I]] and [[Lancel IV Lannister|Lancel IV
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  • | Spouse = Lady [[Genna Lannister]] ...ond son of Lord [[Walder Frey]] and Lady [[Perra Royce]]. He is married to Lady [[Genna Lannister]], with whom he has four sons: [[Cleos Frey|Cleos]], [[Ly
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  • ...iage to Viserys, since both ladies had been trying to be the realm's first lady, and there could only be one. As a consequence of their bad relation, Alice ...always been a supporter of Rhaenys. Prince Daemon also was convinced that Lady [[Jeyne Arryn]], the Maiden of the Vale, would bring her support to their s
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  • | Title = Queen Consort<br>Lady of [[Storm's End]] ...gaery Tyrell''' is the only daughter of Lord [[Mace Tyrell]] and his wife, Lady [[Alerie Hightower]]. In the television adaptation ''[[Game of Thrones]]''
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  • | Spouse = Lady [[Melessa Florent]] ...''' is Lord of [[Horn Hill]] and head of [[House Tarly]]. He is married to Lady [[Melessa Florent]], and is the father of the [[POV character]] [[Samwell T
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  • ...aelle was send to Storm's End to serve as cupbearer to Lord Lyonel, and as lady companion to Lord Lyonel's wife. The wedding took place in {{Date|245}}, an ...a bride for Prince [[Rhaegar Targaryen]]. He was accompanied by his wife, Lady [[Cassana Estermont]]. They failed their mission, and died upon their retur
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  • ...led the [[royal fleet|Baratheon fleets]] to victory in a [[sea battle off Fair Isle]]. Since then Stannis and Selyse have conceived their daughter, [[Shir * Lady [[Melisandre]] of Asshai, called the Red Woman, a priestess of [[R'hllor]],
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  • ...ngs]] of [[House Durrandon]] when [[Durran Durrandon (the Fair)|Durran the Fair]] married the daughter of Tarth's king, [[Edwyn Evenstar]].{{ref|TWOIAF|Hou ...ce in his [[Rainbow Guard]].{{ref|ACOK|22}} Brienne is forced to flee with Lady [[Catelyn Stark]] when she is suspected as the [[Siege of Storm's End (299)
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  • Members of House Tully tend to have fair skin, red-brown (i.e. auburn) hair, and blue eyes in a variety of shades.{{ ...gainst King [[Humfrey I Teague]]. Lord [[Tommen Tully]] futilely supported Lady [[Agnes Blackwood]] against [[Harwyn Hoare]], [[King of the Iron Islands]],
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  • ...Victarion was defeated by Lord [[Stannis Baratheon]] in a [[sea battle off Fair Isle]], and [[Aeron Greyjoy|Aeron]] was captured.{{Ref|affc|1}}{{ref|AFFC|1 ...of flayed skin which Roose delivers to King [[Robb Stark]] and his mother, Lady [[Catelyn Stark|Catelyn]].{{Ref|asos|49}}
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  • ...e Whents were originally [[knight]]s in the service of the Lothstons. When Lady [[Danelle Lothston]] went mad during the reign of King [[Maekar I Targaryen [[Hoster Tully]], [[Lord Paramount of the Trident]], and Lady [[Minisa Whent]] had three children, [[Catelyn Stark|Catelyn]], [[Lysa Arry
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  • ...ewalls tourney]] to celebrate his marriage to his new [lady wife who was [[Lady Frey (wife of Ambrose Butterwell)|a member of House Frey]]. Lord Frey atten seventh wife, [[Annara Farring]].{{ref|AGOT|59}} Lord [[Jon Arryn]] and Lady [[Lysa Arryn]] refused to foster Walder's grandsons at court in [[King's La
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  • ...[[Light of the West]]<br>Queen Dowager<br>[[Protector of the Realm]]<br>[[Lady of Casterly Rock]]<br>[[Regent|Queen Regent]] ...ldest child of Lord [[Tywin Lannister]] of [[Casterly Rock]] and his wife, Lady [[Joanna Lannister]]. She is the twin of her younger brother, Ser [[Jaime L
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  • Lady [[Barbrey Dustin]] expresses her distrust of maesters to [[Theon Greyjoy]], *Maester [[Smike]], who served [[House Farman]] of [[Fair Isle]] during the reign of [[Jaehaerys I Targaryen]].{{ref|fab|The Year of
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  •, but I never felt evil until tonight. I would say my parts are mixed, m'lady. Good and bad.<br> {{Quote|A smuggler must be a fair judge of men.{{ref|aCoK|42}}|[[Stannis Baratheon]] to Davos}}
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