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  • :''For the POV character, see [[Samwell Tarly]].'' | Character_name = [[File:House_Tarly.svg|left|50px]] Samwell Tarly [[File:House_Tarly.svg|right|50px]]
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  • ...of dynastic marriages (Lord Eddard to [[Catelyn Stark|Catelyn Tully]] and Lord Arryn to [[Lysa Arryn|Lysa Tully]]). The powerful [[House Tyrell]] continue ...ert proved his resolve by [[Greyjoy's Rebellion|defeating a rebellion]] by Lord [[Balon Greyjoy]] of the [[Iron Islands]]. Balon's two eldest sons were kil
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  • ...ourney at Ashford Meadow]] in {{Date|209}}.{{ref|THK}} It was also sung by Lord [[House Frey|Frey]]'s nephew at the [[Whitewalls tourney]].{{ref|TMK}} ...]] after the [[fight at the Fist]], [[Grenn]] tries to encourage [[Samwell Tarly]] to keep marching by telling him to sing a song in his head. Sam knows a h
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  • ...r of birth of [[Meraxes]] is not known, she is known to have hatched after Lord [[Aenar Targaryen]] arrived with his household on [[Dragonstone]] in {{Date ...three-headed dragon has hatched in Qarth, and is the wonder of that city. Lord [[Tywin Lannister]] dismisses the report.{{Ref|ASOS|19}}
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  • ...a]], [[Breaker of Shackles]], and [[Mother of Dragons]]{{Ref|ADwD|2}}<br>[[Lord of the Seven Kingdoms]]{{Ref|ADwD|Appendix}}<br>[[Protector of the Realm]]{ ...nown that whoever kills Daenerys, her child, and Viserys will be given a [[lord]]ship.{{Ref|AGOT|33}}
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  • ...t's Watch]]. No knights accept the [[wandering crow]]'s offer, however, so Lord [[Eddard Stark]], the [[Hand of the King]], gives Yoren his pick of the kin ...Lorathi. The next day, Arya regrets her choice while watching the powerful Lord [[Tywin Lannister]] depart Harrenhal with his army. Arya rushes to find Jaq
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  • | Current_Lord = Lord [[Paxter Redwyne]]{{Ref|AGOT|Appendix}} | Title = [[Lord of the Arbor]]{{Ref|AGOT|Appendix}}<br>[[King of the Arbor]] (formerly)
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  • | Current_Lord = Lord [[Alekyne Florent]] <small>(attained)</small>{{Ref|AFFC|Appendix}} | Title = [[Lord of Brightwater Keep]]{{Ref|ACOK|Appendix}}
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  • ...e = [[King in the North|King in the North/King of Winter]] (formerly)<br>[[Lord of Winterfell]] (formerly)<br>[[Warden of the North]] (formerly)<br>[[King ...k|Brandon]] and [[Lyanna Stark]], who were given statues by their brother, Lord [[Eddard Stark]],{{Ref|AGOT|66}} and [[Artos Stark]]. The statues of the ki
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  • | Title = [[King of the Rock]] <small>(formerly)</small><br>[[Lord of Casterly Rock]]<br>[[Shield of Lannisport]]<br>[[Warden of the West]] The current [[Lord of Casterly Rock]] is [[Tywin Lannister]], whose daughter [[Cersei Lanniste
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  • ...w champion. After three days of jousting, the champions would determine if Lord Ashford's daughter retained her title or if another would wear it.{{Ref|THK * {{COA|House Tyrell|small}} Lord [[Leo Tyrell (Longthorn)|Leo Tyrell]]
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  • they pleased. He leaves Harrenhal subsequently, leaving Vargo Hoat as [[Lord of Harrenhal]]. Hoat throws Brienne into the bear pit; from where she is re ...t long after this, Lord [[Hoster Tully]] finally dies and Edmure becomes [[Lord of Riverrun]].
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  • ...n]] and named himself Protector of the Vale and guardian of eight-year-old Lord [[Robert Arryn]]. ...uneral of [[Tywin Lannister]] is held. To [[Cersei Lannister]]'s distaste, Lord [[Mace Tyrell]] tries to use the occasion to put himself forward for the po
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  • ...[[Faith of the Seven]]. Knights occupy a social standing between that of [[lord]]s and [[smallfolk]]. In contrast to nobility, this rank is not hereditary. ...a lord's son is knighted without fulfilling the requirements. For example, Lord [[House Caswell|Caswell]] of [[Bitterbridge]] had his only son and heir, a
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  • ...n by the [[High Septon]] from marrying his widowed step-mother, [[Samantha Tarly]], he kept her as a paramour and fathered six children on her, before the e *[[Samantha Tarly]], to Lord [[Lyonel Hightower]] (they eventually marry){{Ref|FAB|Under the Regents - T
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  • ...ade to his son, [[Jorah Mormont]], when Jeor joined the [[Night's Watch]]. Lord Jorah later brought dishonor to the House by selling poachers to a slaver, In saving the life of [[Jeor Mormont]], [[Lord Commander of the Night's Watch]], from a [[wight]] attack at [[Castle Black
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  • Because stories have spread about Stannis and his magic sword, Lord [[Tywin Lannister]] decides to give his grandson, King [[Joffrey Baratheon| ...ester [[Aemon Targaryen (son of Maekar I)|Aemon]]'s request, and [[Samwell Tarly]] explains to the blind maester that the sword prettily glows without flame
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  • | Current_Lord = Lord [[Mace Tyrell]] ...High Steward of Highgarden]] (pre-Conquest)<br>[[Lord of Highgarden]]<br>[[Lord Paramount of the Mander]]<br>[[Defender of the Marches]]<br>[[High Marshal
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  • ...]]. After they present their maps, [[Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch|Lord Commander]] [[Jeor Mormont]] discusses [[Maester Aemon]]’s past with Jon. ...Aemon]] sent him to find maps for [[Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch|Lord Commander]] [[Jeor Mormont|Mormont]], but he never thought there would be t
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  • ...]])</small><br>[[King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men]]<br>[[Lord of the Seven Kingdoms]]<br>[[Prince of Dragonstone]] <small>(heir apparent) [[Daenys Targaryen]], also known as Daenys the Dreamer, the daughter of Lord [[Aenar Targaryen]], had visions of a cataclysm that would come over Valyri
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  • ...Progeny, and Pain}} The top of the tower contains the apartments of the [[Lord of the Hightower]].{{ref|FAB|Birth, Death, and Betrayal Under King Jaehaery ...ea Lion, [[Lymond Hightower]].{{ref|TWOIAF|The Reach: The Gardener Kings}} Lord [[Jason Hightower]] rebuilt the tower a hundred feet higher.{{ref|TWOIAF|Th
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