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  • ...ter]] to cement the alliance with her House. Despite Robert's victory, the Mad King's younger son [[Viserys Targaryen|Viserys]] and only daughter [[Daener ...ey]], [[Myrcella Baratheon|Myrcella]] and [[Tommen Baratheon|Tommen]]. The queen's twin brother, Ser [[Jaime Lannister]] of the [[Kingsguard]], and their yo
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  • [[Stannis Baratheon]] intends to use Edric's appearance as proof that Queen [[Cersei Lannister]]'s children were fathered by her brother, Ser [[Jaime L ...n]], has Edric secretly shipped away to the [[Free Cities]] aboard the ''[[Mad Prendos]]''. The boy wants to give his farewells to Shireen and Stannis, bu
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  • | Lover = Queen [[Cersei Lannister]] ...nna Lannister|Joanna]], also of House Lannister. He is the twin brother of Queen [[Cersei Lannister]].
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  • | alias = The Mad King{{Ref|AGOT|2}}<br>King Scab{{Ref|ASOS|36}}<br>Mad Aerys{{Ref|ADWD|22}} | queen = [[Rhaella Targaryen]]
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  • ...ince of Dragonstone|Princess of Dragonstone]]{{Ref|AGoT|11}}<br>[[Kingship|Queen]] of the [[Seven Kingdoms]]{{Ref|ACoK|48}}<br>[[Lord of the Seven Kingdoms] ...with teats{{Ref|ADWD|22}}<br>[[Azor Ahai]] returned{{Ref|ADWD|22}}<br>The queen across the waters{{Ref|ADWD|Appendix}}
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  • ...[[Alys Karstark]] of [[Karhold]] to Sigorn, with the blessing of Stannis's queen [[Selyse Florent]], thereby creating [[House Thenn]].{{ref|ADWD|49}} Jon se ...elisandre]] killed the eagle while Varamyr inhabited it, causing him to go mad.
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  • ...Kingsguard]] <small>(dismissed)</small><br>[[Hand of the King|Hand of the Queen]]<br>[[Lord Commander of the Kingsguard|Lord Commander of the Queensguard]] ...othing could come of his desire for her. Barristan planned on naming her [[queen of love and beauty]] if he won the tournament, but the knight was unhorsed
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  • ...erys I Targaryen]], the young Lady [[Jennis Templeton]] was a companion to Queen [[Alysanne Targaryen]].{{Ref|FAB|A Surfeit of Rulers}} In {{Date|55}}, Alys ...Date|134}}, the Templetons gave their support to Ser [[Arnold Arryn]], the Mad Heir, over Ser [[Joffrey Arryn]], Lady Jeyne's desired heir but more distan
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  • [[Tywin Lannister]], whose daughter [[Cersei Lannister|Cersei]] is the queen of King [[Robert I Baratheon]], while her twin, Ser [[Jaime Lannister|Jaime ...gon Hoare]], [[King of the Iron Islands]], allowed his mother, the dowager queen [[Lelia Lannister]], to be mutilated by the [[Shrike]]. Her nephew, the Kin
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  • Some Targaryens appear to be born mad. Others may not display madness when they are younger but can develop it as {{Quote|[[Viserys Targaryen|Viserys]] was Mad Aerys' son, just so.{{Ref|aDwD|5}}}}
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  • .... He throws the goblet away, but is seen by several witnesses. His sister, Queen [[Cersei Lannister]], has him arrested and put on trial. Sansa Stark is smu ...ansa lives in fear of her increasingly psychotic aunt, who eventually goes mad and tries to kill her. Lysa reveals that Littlefinger told her to poison he
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  • ...logue}} According to Lord [[Tywin Lannister]], Oberyn has always been half-mad.{{Ref|ASOS|53}} Oberyn's brother [[Doran Martell|Doran]] has described him ...onsiders as a possible candidate in marriage for his daughter, the widowed Queen [[Cersei Lannister|Cersei]].{{Ref|ASOS|19}}{{Ref|ASOS|62}} Oberyn gives Kin
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  •, both daughters to the senile old King [[Garth X Gardener]], succeed as Queen of the Reach, Ser [[Osmund Tyrell]], the [[High Steward of Highgarden]], le ...d Olenna confide in Sansa that Mace is determined to see Margaery become a queen, while simply calling Joffrey's nature "a pity". Margaery and Olenna sugges
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  • ...amsay also states that he wants [[Jeyne Poole|his bride]] back, as well as Queen [[Selyse Florent]], Princess [[Shireen Baratheon]], [[Melisandre]], [[Val]] ...oose. We've all known worse. But this bastard son of his ... they say he's mad and cruel, a monster.{{Ref|ADWD|19}}|[[Wylla Manderly]] and a [[House Locke
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  • | Current_Lord = Queen [[Daenerys Targaryen|Daenerys I]]<br>King [[Aegon Targaryen (son of Rhaegar ...l>(heir apparent)</small><br>[[Prince of Summerhall]]<br>[[King of Meereen|Queen of Meereen]]
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  • ...actions of good Queen [[Alysanne Targaryen]], so they became known as "the queen's fountains".{{Ref|FAB|Jaehaerys and Alysanne - Their Triumphs and Tragedie ...rgaryen]], but in {{Date|130}} the [[Fall of King's Landing|city fell]] to Queen [[Rhaenyra Targaryen]] and her [[blacks]]. Later in the same year, [[Riot o
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  • ...bert might actually win the [[Robert's Rebellion|War of the Usurper]]. The Mad King enlisted the aid of several members of the [[Alchemists' Guild]] in a The rest of [[House Targaryen]] were unaware of this; apparently Queen [[Rhaella Targaryen]]'s eyes had long been shut to her husband's insanities
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  • ...yen]] and Queen [[Alysanne Targaryen]] visited Oldtown in {{date|54}}, the queen landed [[Silverwing]] atop the Hightower. The royal couple resided in the a Lord [[Leyton Hightower]] and his daughter, the Mad Maid [[Malora Hightower|Malora]], are said to have locked themselves atop t
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  • ...ulsive and unpredictable. A Dornish saying is "Half of the Ullers are half-mad, and the other half are worse."{{Ref|AFFC|40}} ...aryen]] and [[Meraxes]] were both lost at the Hellholt in {{Date|10}}. The queen's body was never recovered by the [[House Targaryen|Targaryens]], however,
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  • ...been fathered by [[knight|Ser]] [[Jaime Lannister]] of the [[Kingsguard]], Queen Cersei's twin brother, with whom she had been having an incestuous relation ...ded that the children were not Robert's, but the product of incest between Queen Cersei and her twin brother Jaime. Before they are able to address the issu
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