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  • ...odwright]] as admirers of Margaery, and Lady Merryweather identifies Grand Maester [[Pycelle]] as a frequent visitor as well.{{Ref|AFFC|28}} When Cersei asks ...{ref|AFFC|24}} which the boy names [[Boots]], [[Lady Whiskers]], and [[Ser Pounce]].{{ref|AFFC|39}} Margaery's frequent invitations to Tommen to accompany he
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  • ...of the Night's Watch]], and [[Samwell Tarly]] discuss a letter prepared by Maester [[Aemon Targaryen (son of Maekar I)|Aemon]], which asks for assistance from mother's commands. Margaery gives Tommen three black [[kitten]]s, [[Ser Pounce]], [[Lady Whiskers]], and [[Boots]].{{ref|AFFC|24}} Tommen also takes an in
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  • From the top of the [[Wall]], looking down into the wildlings' camp with Maester [[Aemon Targaryen (son of Maekar I)|Aemon]]'s [[Myrish eye]], Jon sees Vara ...ram, flowing down the mountainside like liquid smoke until it was ready to pounce.{{Ref|acok|51}}|thoughts of [[Jon Snow]]}}
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  • **** his kittens, [[Ser Pounce|SER POUNCE]], [[Lady Whiskers|LADY WHISKERS]], [[Boots|BOOTS]], *** GRAND MAESTER [[Pycelle|PYCELLE]], counselor and healer,
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  • **his kittens, [[Ser Pounce|SER POUNCE]], [[Lady Whiskers|LADY WHISKERS]], [[Boots|BOOTS]], ***GRAND MAESTER [[Pycelle|PYCELLE]], counselor and healer,
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