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  • allow it to catch fire. In honor of the Faith, seven men are chosen to push the funeral boat to the water. Using a flaming arrow, the boat is lit afire
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  • ...f> Jon and Robb built a great mountain of snow on top of a gate, hoping to push it on someone passing by. They were discovered by [[Mance Rayder]], a [[ran
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  •]] weapons. It proves unsuccessful, however, and the First Men gradually push deeper and deeper into Westeros, establishing hundreds of petty kingdoms.{{
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  • ...but I do not desire you, Jorah Mormont, and I am weary of your trying to push every other man in the world away from me, so I must needs rely on you and
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  • was a baker in [[King's Landing]], and when she was alive the boy would push her [[cart]] through the streets yelling, "Hot pies! Hot pies!"{{ref|ACOK|1
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  • ...sentment towards his own family, Jon protests. However Tyrion continues to push the issue, sarcastically describing how Lady [[Catelyn Stark|Catelyn]] trea
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  • ...s to slit her throat. Catelyn manages to grab the blade with her hands and push it away, cutting her fingers badly. She bites the man's hand and fights her
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  • ...e the first night, but learned it was no good; circling the walls will not push them back and marking the trees will keep no men away. The world has tighte
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  • ...Tywin and decides to act swiftly as she suspects there will be attempts to push her aside, as always. She wonders whether [[Stannis Baratheon]] is behind t
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  • ...nn almost loses his balance, but he manages to jump back from the blow and push a statue onto the knight. With Vardis pinned under the fallen statue, Bronn
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  • ...father and household. For a fleeting moment, Sansa has the opportunity to push Joffrey off the wall, but it disappears too soon.
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  • how to get the little girl through the narrow tunnel. Arya tells him to push her and asks where he left the axe. Eying the prisoners, Gendry says it is
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  • ...nderly|Manderlys]], during which Luton is severely wounded. As he tries to push his entrails back into his wound, crying noisily for his mother, Ramsay los
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  • weapon is used by large bodies of infantry operating together either to push through or over opposing infantry or hold off cavalry.{{Ref|aGoT|53}}
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  • ...sin's Creed|Assassin's Creed]]'' series. In concrete terms, the player can push a key, time slows, and a menu opens providing options while engaging the en
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  • ...s at the earliest. If Falyse was born many years before 264 AC, that would push her age closer to 30 when she got married for the first time, something whi
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  • Mervyn did not do the deed himself, but had allowed for someone else to push her out of the window. [[Maester]] [[Yandel]] speculates the assassin was [
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  • ...e westermen back thrice and mortally wounded Lord Lannister. On the fourth push, Ser [[Adrian Tarbeck]] and a hundred [[knight]]s swam upstream and circled
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