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  • ..., its steward. Ser [[Desmond Grell]] serves as master-at-arms, while Ser [[Robin Ryger]] commands the [[House Tully guards|Tully guards]] as their captain. alongside it, and below one makes a wide turn and ends up in churning waters. The Tumblestone leads to the Water Gate, a wide arch and a heavy iron port
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  • ...s reign, gave birth to a bastard son she named [[Daemon I Blackfyre|Daemon Waters]] in late {{Date|170}}, Baelor began a forty-day fast (even though another ...s, with one exception: his cousin Daena's son, [[Daemon I Blackfyre|Daemon Waters]]. In {{Date|182}}, Aegon openly recognized the boy as his own son<ref name
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  • ...Arryn and [[House Targaryen|Targaryen]] fleets fought in a [[battle in the waters off Gulltown]], which resulted in the destruction of the Targaryen fleet an **** King [[Robin Arryn]], brother to Roland II. He restarted the work on the Eyrie that his
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  • ...]],{{ref|agot|19}} who is the commander at [[Eastwatch-by-the-Sea]], and [[Robin Hill]]{{Ref|ASOS|55}} and [[Jon Snow]],{{Ref|ASOS|79}} who both became [[Lo ....<ref name=SF/> A bastard might also chose a surname for himself. [[Daemon Waters]] took the surname [[House Blackfyre|Blackfyre]] at the age of twelve, afte
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  • ...following Ser Tyland's death, Aegon named Ser [[Robert Darklyn]] and Ser [[Robin Massey]] to the [[Kingsguard]]. King Aegon commanded the disgraced former G Unwin also undid the appointments of Ser [[Robert Darklyn]] and Ser [[Robin Massey]] to the [[Kingsguard]] and instead gave their white cloaks to his o
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  • of Aegon III|regency]] of the young king [[Aegon III Targaryen]], Ser [[Robin Massey]] was named Lord Commander by Aegon III but the appointment was late * Ser [[Robin Massey]], for Aegon III Targaryen, dismissed as the king had not consulted
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  • ...}} while Lord Commanders [[Ryam Redwyne]], [[Criston Cole]], and [[Marston Waters]] also acted as [[Hand of the King]].{{Ref|asos|54}}{{Ref|twoiaf| The Targa * Ser [[Robin Darklyn]], known as ''Darkrobin''.{{ref|twoiaf| The Targaryen Kings: Aegon
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  • | Ser [[Marston Waters]]{{Ref|TWOIAF| The Targaryen Kings: Aegon III}}{{Ref|fab|Under the Regents the office after the imprisonment of plotters and death of Ser Marston Waters. However, after a moon's turn, he was dismissed once again due to having a
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  • * [[Aurane Waters]], called "The Bastard of Driftmark". * [[Hop-Robin]], a Night's Watch recruit.
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  • | Issue = [[Jon Waters]]<br>[[Jeyne Waters]]<br>[[Viserys Plumm]]<br>[[Robin Penrose]]<br>[[Laena Penrose]]<br>[[Jocelyn Penrose]]<br>[[Joy Penrose]] ...two [[bastard]] children by him, the twins [[Jon Waters|Jon]] and [[Jeyne Waters]].<ref name="ssm" /> Elaena had hoped to marry Alyn, but he was lost at sea
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  • Fisherfolk northwest of Maidenpool fish the waters in leather coracles, while others collect clams.{{ref|AFFC|25}} ...n]], Jaime tasks [[Rafford]] with bringing Ser [[Desmond Grell]] and Ser [[Robin Ryger]] to Maidenpool, where they can continue on to the [[Wall]].{{ref|AFF
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  • ** [[Aurane Waters|AURANE WATERS]], the Bastard of [[Driftmark]], ** [[Donnel Locke|DONNEL LOCKE]], [[Owen Norrey|OWEN NORREY]], [[Robin Flint|ROBIN FLINT]], northmen,
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  • ...ast]], [[Quenten Banefort]], [[Philip Plumm]], [[Garrison Prester]], and [[Robin Moreland]].</ref> [[Jaime Lannister]] falls in with his uncle [[Kevan Lanni ...Hand. After Jaime asks her about the rumor that she plans to name [[Aurane Waters]] her new master of ships, he recommends that she would be better off namin
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  • :* [[Aurane Waters|AURANE WATERS]], the Bastard of [[Driftmark]], :* {[[Robin Greyjoy|ROBIN]]}, died in infancy,
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  • ...ey Wind howls. When Ser Cleos agrees, Robb orders him to depart with Ser [[Robin Ryger]] at first light and dismisses the assembly. Catelyn recalls the tales of the vast fortress of Harrenhal by the waters of the [[Gods Eye]]. King [[Harren Hoare|Harren the Black]] beggared the Ri
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  • **[[Aurane Waters|AURANE WATERS]], the Bastard of [[Driftmark]], grand admiral and master of ships, fled to ***LORD [[Robin Peasebury|ROBIN PEASEBURY]],
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  • | Character_name = [[File:Kingsguard.svg|50px|left]] Marston Waters [[File:Kingsguard.svg|50px|right]] Ser '''Marston Waters''' was a [[knight]] of [[Aegon II Targaryen]]'s [[Kingsguard]]. He served b
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  • ...g Aegon IV); and Lord [[Ronnel Penrose]], by whom she had four children ([[Robin Penrose]], [[Laena Penrose]], [[Jocelyn Penrose]], and [[Joy Penrose]]). He
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  • ==Jeyne Waters== [[Jeyne Waters]] was born the first, together with her twin, Jon, of the children of Princ
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  • ...[Years after Aegon's Conquest/Calculations Ages (Continued3)#Robin Penrose|Robin Penrose]])'', indicating that Laena could have been born no earlier than {{ ==Marston Waters==
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