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Stannis Baratheon is the elder of Robert Baratheon's younger brothers.


Stannis is Lord of Dragonstone and Master of Ships on Robert's Small Council. A brooding, humorless man known for a harsh and unyielding sense of justice, he is obsessed with slights real and imagined. His stubbornness and determination are legendary, most famously shown in resisting the Siege of Storm's End under desperate conditions. He is also a capable naval commander, having trapped and destroyed much of the Iron Fleet during the Greyjoy Rebellion. His wife is Lady Selyse of House Florent, a mighty noble house sworn to Highgarden and House Tyrell. They have one daughter, Shireen, a small girl of poor health, and bearing a disfigurement from a childhood ailment.

After learning of Cersei Lannister's incest and the death of Jon Arryn, Stannis left the king's council and returned to Dragonstone. There, together with many of his wife's kin, the Florents, acting as his councillors, he gathered what strength he could, while also falling under the sway of the sorceress Melisandre, who proclaimed Stannis to be Azor Ahai reborn, a messianic figure of the R'hllor faith. When Robert died, Stannis claimed the Iron Throne as Robert's heir, however most of the Baratheon bannermen followed his more charismatic brother when Renly also claimed the throne. Stannis rode to treat with Renly, but could not convince him to renounce his claim. That night, Melisandre used her magic to birth a shadow incarnation of Stannis, which assassinated Renly in his tent. Swallowing his sense of justice, Stannis recruited most his brother's treasonous host into his own army and launched an amphibious assault on King's Landing. His forces were defeated at the cusp of victory when Lannister and Tyrell reinforcements unexpectedly arrived, seemingly led by Renly's ghost.

Stannis returned to Dragonstone, his host broken. There, Melisandre urged him to sacrifice Edric Storm to complete a spell for more power. Stannis was about to follow through with the ritual when his counselor Davos Seaworth smuggled the boy away and urged Stannis to take his remaining forces north to defend the Wall. Stannis agreed, and arrived at the Wall just in time to crush a wildling assault at the Battle of Castle Black. He stayed at the Wall to negotiate a settlement compromise with the wildlings and offered to legitimize Jon Snow as heir of Winterfell if he would support Stannis's rule. The offer fell through when Jon was selected as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Stannis continues to seek support in the North for another attempt at the throne.

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