Steffon Fossoway

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Steffon Fossoway
House Fossoway.svg
Title Ser
Allegiance House Fossoway of Cider Hall
Culture Reachmen
Book(s) The Hedge Knight (appears)

Ser Steffon Fossoway was a knight and heir to House Fossoway of Cider Hall during the reign of Daeron II Targaryen.[1]


He was muscular.


Ser Steffon was one of the entrants into the Ashford Tourney. He promised to fight for Ser Duncan the Tall during the Trial of Seven, but Prince Aerion Targaryen promised to make him a lord, so he switched sides. This led his cousin, Raymun Fossoway, to paint the apple on his shield green to mark the difference between the two of them after he joined the side of Ser Duncan in his cousin's place. During the trial, the cousins fought each other, but were evenly matched and both left the field standing.[2]