Storming of the Crag

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Battle of the Crag
Conflict War of the Five Kings
Date 299 AC
Place Crag, The Westerlands
Result Stark victory
Stark army Lannister army
King Robb Stark
Smalljon Umber
Black Walder Frey
Ser Rolph Spicer
not bigger than 6,000 (all horsed) castle garrison

The Battle of the Crag is one of the many minor Stark victories in the Westerlands during the War of the Five Kings.


After winning the Battle of Ashemark, the Starks move on to the Crag as part of King Robb Stark's plan to draw Tywin Lannister west and out of the Riverlands. The castellan of the weakly-garrisoned castle is Ser Rolph Spicer.[1]


The Crag is stormed at night, with Smalljon Umber and Black Walder Frey leading scaling parties over the walls, while Robb breaks through the main gate with a ram.[1]


Robb takes an arrow wound and is nursed back to health by Jeyne Westerling. After hearing of the supposed deaths of his brothers, Bran and Rickon, Robb deflowers Jeyne, and, to spare her dishonor, marries her shortly thereafter. As a consequence of that the Westerlings join with House Stark.[1] However, by marrying Jeyne, Robb breaks his alliance with House Frey.[2][3]

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