Storming of the Crag

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{{Template:Battlebox | image = | caption = | battle_name = Battle of the Crag | conflict = War of the Five Kings | date = 299 AL | place = [[c], The Westerlands | result = Stark victory | colour_scheme = | combatant1 = Stark army | combatant2 = House Westerling | commander1 = Robb Stark
[[[Jon Umber (Smalljon)|Smalljon Umber]
Black Walder Frey | commander2 = | strength1 = less than 6,000 | strength2= castle garrison | casualties1 = | casualties2 = }}


After winning the Battle of Ashford the Starks move on to the Crag.


The Crag was stormed, with Smalljon Umber and Black Walder Frey scaling the walls, while Robb Stark broke through the main gate. Rhe [1]


Robb Stark took a wound and was nursed back to health by Jeyne Westerling. During the nursing, Robb deflowered Jeyne, and being an honorable man, married her shortly thereafter. As a consequence of that, the Westerlings joined with House Stark. The Starks take the castle but Rob is wounded.[2]

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Robb Stark continued plundering the Westerlands.

References and Notes