Sumner Crakehall

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House Crakehall.PNG Sumner Crakehall House Crakehall.PNG
Title(s) Lord of Crakehall
Allegiance House Crakehall
Book(s) A Storm of Swords
A Feast for Crows

Lord Sumner Crakehall, was Lord of Crakehall and the head of House Crakehall.


Ser Jaime Lannister squired for him. Jaime saved his life in the battle with the Kingswood Brotherhood when he stopped Big Belly Ben from killing Lord Sumner.[1] Merrett Frey was sent to Crakehall as a page. Lord Sumner made him a squire. During the fight with the Kingswood Brotherhood, Merrett was captured by Wenda and Lord Sumner had to ransom him back. After receiving a hard blow to head from a mace, Merrett was no longer able to fight and Lord Sumner sent him back to the Twins.[2]

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