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| Place_of_Death =
| Place_of_Death =
| Date_of_Death =
| Date_of_Death =
| Books = [[A Storm of Swords]] (Appears)<br>[[A Feast for Crows]] (Appears)
| Books = ''[[A Storm of Swords]]'' (Appears)<br>''[[A Feast for Crows]]'' (Appears)
| coat-of-arms =
| coat-of-arms =
'''Sybell Spicer''' is the wife of Lord [[Gawen Westerling]] and is the Lady of [[the Crag]]. She is the granddaughter of [[Maggy the Frog]].{{Ref|aSoS|19}}
Lady '''Sybell Spicer''' is the wife of Lord [[Gawen Westerling]] and is the Lady of [[the Crag]]. She is the granddaughter of [[Maggy the Frog]].{{Ref|aSoS|19}}

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Sybell Spicer
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Title Lady of the Crag
Allegiance House Spicer
House Westerling
Spouse Lord Gawen Westerling
Book(s) A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Feast for Crows (Appears)

Lady Sybell Spicer is the wife of Lord Gawen Westerling and is the Lady of the Crag. She is the granddaughter of Maggy the Frog.[1]


Sybell is a handsome, older woman.[2]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

Sybell is part of King Robb Stark's entourage when he returns from the Westerlands. She remains at Riverrun with her daughters, Jeyne and Eleyna, and her youngest son, Rollam, when Robb goes to the Twins for the wedding of Lord Edmure Tully.[3]

After the Red Wedding Sybell is pardoned by the Iron Throne.[4]

A Feast for Crows

Sybell and her children are kept inside Riverrun during the siege. When Edmure surrenders Riverrun to Ser Jaime Lannister, Sybell sits with Jaime and tells him of her complicity in the death of Robb Stark. She explains how she had made sure there was no heir from her daughter's union and how she had been promised lords or heirs as prospects for her son and daughters. Jaime informs her that the bride that had been promised from Casterly Rock for her son Rollam is Joy Hill, the bastard daughter of Gerion Lannister, and that her brother Rolph Spicer is the newly made Lord of Castamere, thus giving the Spicers an actual seat. Sybell is upset that her eldest son, Raynald, was set to marry a bastard, though her complaints cease when Jaime makes his contempt for her plain and warns her to stay out of his sight for the remainder of her time at Riverrun. Sybell leaves with her children the next morning for the west.[5]


Sybell's grandfather was a lowborn trader in saffron and peper, her grandmother a woman he had brought with him from the east. The people living in Lannisport called her maegi.[1] On Sybell's mother and father, nothing is known.

spice trader
the Frog
Founder of
House Spicer

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