Taking of Rain House

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Taking of the Rain House
Conflict Landing of the Golden Company
Date 300 AC
Place Crow's Nest, Stormlands
Result Golden Company victory[1]
House Targaryen: House Wylde
Laswell Peake Unknown
Castle garrison
<1,250 Unknown

The Taking of the Rain House occurs amidst the Landing of the Golden Company.


In his campaign to place Aegon Targaryen on the Iron Throne, Jon Connington joins the sellsword Golden Company in invading the Stormlands. Their Volantene fleet is scattered by a storm after Lys, and only six of the sellswords' ten ships arrive at the rendezvous near the rainwood in Cape Wrath, land formerly owned by House Connington. The gathered force is not quite half the Golden Company's full strength of ten thousand.[2]

Jon leads a quarter of the available strength to take Griffin's Roost, the ancestral seat of the Conningtons, of which he was lord before being exiled during the War of the Usurper. Simultaneously, Ser Tristan Rivers sets off to take Crow's Nest, seat of House Morrigen, while Laswell Peake marches for Rain House, stronghold of House Wylde.[2]



During her journey to meet Aegon Targaryen, Princess Arianne Martell learns that the Rain House has fallen to the Golden Company.[3]

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