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Year of death?

Infomation about what has happened in which year in generally is brilliant. How these years are generated? Now I'm wondering the death year of Arthur Dayne (284)- could there be small mistake or is the mistake in the year when the fight was in Tower of Joy (283)? I suppose the fight was only one day due there were so small amount of people to fight.

You're right, it was a mistake, thanks for pointing it out. If you find any more don't worry go ahead and fix it, at worse you are wrong and someone will fix it. --Mor 03:17, 25 May 2012 (UTC)
How you know which year is correct? Same is at least with Lyanna. Should this discussion be erased after we finish this?
In this case I followed the Years_after_Aegon's_Landing entry, which holds our most up-to-date list, but if you wish we can calculate it. There are many threads on the topic in the forums, iirc we take Lyanna abduction in 282AL as our baseline and go from there building the timeline form the bits and pieces, amongst them Sack of KL and Liberation of Storm's End. Over all I believe that people favour 283 so much because its the year when Jon snow was born... --Mor 06:33, 25 May 2012 (UTC)