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I have been working on a Daemon Blackfyre II is Coldhands theory on the forums. After a few different conversations over different posts I have a working theory, but it's based on some assumptions.

I'm looking for textual evidence against Daemon II. Anyone want to help out?

Coldhands is possibly Ser Duncan the Tall

I saw another post on awoiaf that correlates many features and sayings of Ser Duncan and Coldhands...

The biggest tell was that Coldhands was oddly larger, and the way he treated his elk when it died was similar to how Duncan treated his horses when they died.

Duncan went north at some point, maybe with Brynden Rivers to the NW after the incident at summerhall. He could have been revived if he did infact die at summerhall. Bloodraven and Duncan definitely met when BR was undercover during one of the blackfyre rebellions.

I don't know, it just feels right. haha #wishfulthinking perhaps.