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The same person as the Wandering Wolf?

Are we sure that the Rodrik Stark, who was a member of the Second Sons, and the Rodrik Stark, who was the King in the North and gained Bear Island, are one and the same person? The chapter of A Dance with Dragons that mention the member of the Second Sons do not say that he was even King in the North. And even if he was that does not say anything. Like with the Brandon Starks there could be a lot of Rodrik Stark who were once kings. Scafloc 00:56, 16 October 2011 (UTC)

Time of events

In A Game of Thrones-Chapter 66 the Starks statues Bran mentions are more or less in chronological order. Rodrik Stark is mentioned just before Torrhen Stark, the last king in the North and after Bran the Burner, who lived "hundres of years ago". So he may be king not to long before 1 AL.

There is no date mentioned when king Rodrik wrestled with the King of the Iron Isles. It is mentioned that the later was a member of House Hoare. This dynasty was extinquished at 1 AL. However it is not clear when Qhored Hoare, who was in posession of Bear Island, was king. The Hoares became king after the Andal invasion of the Iron Islands. This took place 2000 years after the Andal invasion of Westeros which again took place 6000 years ago. So House Hoare gained the throne around 4000 years ago. So the wrestling match could have taken place anytime between 4000 years ago and 1 AL.

The Second Sons are the oldest mercenary company of the Free Cities. As the Free Cities became free after the fall of the Doom of Valyria, this probably means that they were founded after the Doom; 200 years before AL. The company was present at when the Dothraki besieged Qohor, around 100 before AL. Thus when the Wandering Wolf joined the company may have been sometime between the Doom and the the events of the books.

So if you look at when the Rodriks can be placed in the time there is an overlap. This means that it is possible that the Rodrik Stark who was member if the Second Sons is the same as the King in the North. However it is not sure.Scafloc 23:31, 26 August 2012 (UTC)