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Theory about the warrior women of Dorne

George R.R. Martin said that the Sand Snakes, like Obara Sand, are warrior women, but that's not the rule. Even that the legendary Nymeria was more a commander than a warrior woman, but according to that what is known about the immigration of the Rhoynar, that the Valerian Freehold conquered them and Nymeria led the suriviors, most of them women of all ages and just small male children and very old men, to Dorne, married Mors Martell and helped him against the Yronwoods and other independent kings, wouldn't this imply that she had an army of "warrior women"? After all what I've red, the Rhoynar weren't a long time on the travel, not long enough that the small boys reached adulthood and became warriors, enough for Nymeria and Mors to conquer whole Dorne! And from this point of view, it must be logical that there was a female warrior culture, similar to the one of the free folk and Bear Island. --Exodianecross 21:01, 9 July 2014 (UTC)