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copyright This work is copyrighted.
The copyright holder has granted permission for this image to be used on A Wiki of Ice and Fire.

This permission does not extend to third parties.

Additional information: Copyright holder: Roman Papsuev aka Amok
Permission: It can only be used for non commercial purposes!
Hi (sorry, you didn't mention your name)The thing is that I permit to use my art to anyone IF this use is not commercial. So I don't really know about 'distribution' part of the license. If it means 'no commercial use' then go ahead and use these pictures as you want. AFAIK Wikipedia links all images with the source website, so there's no problem there either 8-) Anyway, again - if it's not for commercial use - go ahead and take them, I don't mind at all 8-)Best wishes,Roman Papsuev[1]

Not in the statement itself but in the discussion it is stated that "the images can be used (for non commercial) use in “reduced resolution".
Original: http://en.amokanet.ru/gallery/martin/