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This template links to a year's relevant article. It should speed up the editing process and make the text more readable when editing.

This template first tries to link to a year's dedicated article (e.g. 300 AC), but if that article doesn't exist the template links to the relevant section of either Years after Aegon's Conquest or Years before Aegon's Conquest.


One year

{{Date|#}} where # denotes the number of the year. Years before Aegon's Conquest must be prefixed with a negative sign -.

For example, {{Date|300}} results in "300 AC", but {{Date|-300}} results in "300 BC".

Two years

{{Date|from #|to #}}

When two years are given, the template returns a range.

For example, {{Date|283|298}} results in "283298 AC", and {{Date|-283|298}} results in "283 BC – 298 AC".

As a special case, if the second argument is + the range spans up to the present. Example: {{Date|200|+}} results in "200 AC – Present".