The Seven-Pointed Star

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The Seven-Pointed Star - by Sara Biddle - © FFG

The Seven-Pointed Star is the holy text of the Faith of the Seven. It is divided up into sections, based on the different aspects of the faith, such as the Maiden's Book.[1]


It is stated in The Seven-Pointed Star that spirits, wights, and revenants cannot harm a pious man, so long as he is armored in his faith.[2] It is written that as men bow to their lords, and lords to their kings, so kings and queens must bow before the Seven Who Are One.[3] Septon Meribald cannot read or write, but he knows The Seven-Pointed Star by memory.


The Father reached his hand into the heavens and pulled down seven stars and one by one he set them on the brow of Hugor of the Hill to make a glowing crown...[4]

The Maid brought him forth a girl as supple as a willow with eyes like deep blue pools and Hugor declared that he would have her for his bride. So the Mother made her fertile, and the Crone foretold that she would bear the king four-and-forty mighty sons. The Warrior gave strength to their arms, whilst the Smith wrought for each a suit of iron plates...[4]