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The silver
Daenerys Her Silver.jpg
by Amok ©

Allegiance Daenerys Targaryen
Race Horse
Born In or between 294 AC and 298 AC[1]Dothraki Sea
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (Appears)
A Clash of Kings (Appears)
A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Dance with Dragons (Appears)

The silver is magnificent mare that was gifted as a filly to Daenerys Targaryen by Khal Drogo at their wedding. Daenerys does not name the mare, as it is not Dothraki custom to do so.

Appearance and Character

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The silver is young and spirited. She is grey, with a silver mane.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Magister Illyrio Mopatis described the silver as the pride of the khalasar and explained to Daenerys that Dothraki custom decrees that the khaleesi must ride a mount worthy of her place by the side of the khal.[2]

She is as grey as the winter sea, with a mane like silver smoke and moves with a smooth and silken gait. When Khal Drogo presented Daenerys with the gift he pointed out that the silver’s mane is the same silver colour as Daenerys' hair.[2]

Drogo brings forth the silver, his bride gift to Daenerys

After being presented with the filly, Daenerys rides her through the crowd. Daenerys is not a particularly experienced rider, but the silver responds well to her non-verbal commands. A light, timid touch with Daenerys' knees and the filly brakes into a trot. The silver continues to respond to the slightest pressure of Daenerys' legs, the lightest touch on the reins. The filly was obedient enough to gallop ahead, confidently leaping over the flames of a firepit. The timid Daenerys started feeling confident and excited during this initial ride. When Daenerys pulls up before Illyrio she asks him to tell her new husband that he has given her the wind. When the words are translated by Illyrio, Daenerys sees Drogo smile for the first time.[2]

The silver and Daenerys rode alongside Drogo and his red stallion for hours. Their journey started at sunset, from just outside the walls of Pentos and continued into the night. Leaving the khalasar behind to give privacy to the newlyweds. The two riders stopped their horses at a grassy place, beside a small stream. Drogo lifted Daenerys from the back of the silver, then secured the horses for the night. The newlyweds then proceeded to have their wedding night.[2]

The Dothraki are an unsentimental people and do not name their horses or dogs so Daenerys thinks of her steed as the silver or her silver.[3] The day after the wedding, the khalasar started moving east towards Vaes Dothrak , a journey taking them through the Dothraki Sea. Daenerys spend every day atop the silver, though the experience was painful. She gained bloody saddle sores on her bottom, raw thighs, blistered hands from the reins, and sore muscles at her legs and back. Her handmaidens had to help her dismount every night. Eventually all the riding helped improve her physical condition. Her legs grew stronger, her hands callused, her thighs tougher and more flexible. Daenerys received horsemanship lessons from Irri, but felt that the silver itself served as a teacher. The mare seemed to recognize the young rider's moods, and responded to them. Daenerys at times felt like sharing a single mind with the horse, essentially making the silver an extension of herself.[3]

Daenerys Targaryen astride her silver (Tv)

When Drogo led his khalasar in entering the Horse Gate of Vaes Dothrak, Daenerys followed him on her silver. Riding just behind Drogo himself and his bloodriders. Daenerys found it a pleasant change, not having to ride back on the silver on the following day, which allowed the pregnant khaleesi some rest.[4] After her presentation to the dosh khaleen and the announcement that her son would be named Rhaego, Daenerys was helped back onto the silver by Cohollo. On the return trip to Khal Drogo's hall, the silver easily kept pace with Drogo's stallion. Daenerys was able to dismount with no assistance, entrusting the horse to an unnamed slave.[5]

While Drogo hunted a hrakkar, Daenerys visited the Western Market of the Vaes Dothrak. She chose a litter as her means of transportation, instead of the silver. She was further along in her pregnancy, feeling her body fat and ungainly. She found the soft cushions and silk curtains of the litter more pleasant than riding the mare. She noted that Dothraki mothers stayed on horseback during their pregnancies, almost up to the time of giving birth. She followed their example by riding the silver when Drogo was with her, unwilling to seem weak to him. But she felt no need to do so when Drogo was away.[6] After Jorah Mormont and Jhogo defended Daenerys against a poisoner, Drogo gave them free choice on claiming any horse from his herds. Explicitly excluding his red stallion and the silver.[6]

Two days following the failed assassination attempt, Drogo and his khalasar left Vaes Dothrak, heading on a southewest course. Drogo and his red stallion took the lead, with Daenerys and the silver right beside them. Chains were fastened to the silver's halter, the horse dragging along the would-be assassin.[6] Following a battle between the khalasars of Drogo and Ogo, Daenerys rode the silver through the fields of the dead. The forces of Ogo had been been defeated, with Ogo himself and his son Fogo among the casualties. The battle had taken place next to a Lhazareen settlement, and the town was still burning. The khalasar of Drogo claimed many captives, both Dothraki and Lhazareen. After claiming many slaves as her own property, Daenerys needed the assistance of Jhiqui to dismount. Her advanced pregnancy leaving her clumsy and unable to dismount on her own.[7]

Drogo had taken a wound in the battle, and the wound got infected. He continued regularly riding his stallion ahead of the khalasar, Daenerys and the silver following. At least a week following the battle, Daenerys noted an unnatural silence from the rider ahead of her and his failure to react to bloodflies landing on his skin. Both highly unusual for Drogo. She pressed her heels, commanding the silver to ride closel to the red stallion. She touched Drogo and the man fell off his horse, having been unconscious for quite a while. Daenerys pulled the reins to stop the silver and dismount, wanting to help her fallen husband.[7][8]

With Drogo incapacitated and his bloodriders (Cohollo, Haggo, Qotho) dead,his khalasar dissolved into a dozen splinter groups. Pono and Jhaqo led the largest of them. Only about 100 people lingered by the incapacitated Drogo and his khaleesi. Daenerys tried and failed to revive Drogo from his catatonic vegetative state, then mercy killed him.[9] Daenerys claimed those left behind as her own khalasar. Setting the slave frees and giving everyone a choice, to accept her leadership or leave.[10]

A Clash of Kings

Daenerys led her khalassar deeper into the Red Waste, mounting the silver. Like the rest of the khalasar's horses, the silver survived on a diet of devilgrass. While edible, the grass was colored brown and grew in dry areas, likely not providing much nutrition.[11] The surviving horses were able to regain their strength in Vaes Tolorro which had sufficient grass and water for them.[11]

Daenerys crossed the gates of Qarth, still riding the silver.[12] The mare shies when Xaro Xhoan Daxos and his camel approach, as horses do not abide the close presence of camels. Xaro offered the hospitality of his own palace to Daenerys, her people, and their horses for the duration of her stay in the city.[12] Later in her stay, Daenerys uses a palanquin for her transportation, a gift from Xaro.[13][14]

One of the visions Daenerys sees in the House of the Undying involves the silver. The vision depicts the silver trotting through the grass to a darkling stream beneath a sea of stars. There is no mention of a rider.[14] Another vision might also involve the silver, as it depicts a horse with its color. The silver horse of this vision drags behind it the bloody corpse of a naked man. Which might be the fate of the would-be assassin dragged behind the silver (see above).[14][6] A third vision depicts Daenerys racing on the silver, riding like the Wind. By her side are 10,000 slaves, lifting bloodstained hands and calling her "Mother".[14]

Following the death of the Undying Ones, Daenerys decides to dress and act as a Dothraki again. She chooses to ride the silver for her visit to the docks of Qarth. She specifically rejects the palanquin, feeling she had reclined too long on its satin cushions. Spending too long letting the oxen (and by implication others) to pull her along to various locations. It was time to ride again, at least feeling that she was getting somewhere. That she was the driving force.[15] The silver rode through miles of the quays, docks, and storehouses. All the way to the far end of the horseshoe-shaped harbor, the location reserved for ships from the Summer Islands, Westeros, and the Free Cities. Daenerys dismounted beside a gaming pit. The Targaryen had the silver guarded by Aggo and Jhogo, while she and Jorah Mormont went to negotiate with captains. At the time, she sought transportation out of Qarth.[15]

In the harbor, Daenerys discovers that Illyrio Mopatis had send her three ships: Joso's Prank, Saduleon, and Summer Sun. There is room in them for the entire khalasar with its goods and horses.[15]

A Storm of Swords

Queen Daenerys Targaryen leading her army astride her silver - by © Rene Aigner

The three ships with Daenerys and her khalasar depart from Qarth, heading for Pentos. The horses are nervous, unused to transport by ship. The Dothraki are also nervous, considering the sea to be "poison water". Six days into the voyage, a sudden squall envelops the ships. The horses kick and scream for its durations.[16] Late in the voyage, Jorah Mormont suggests redirecting the ships towards Slaver's Bay, pointing that they could buy pit fighters in Meereen and Unsullied in Astapor. Daenerys decided to set sail for Astapor.[16]

For her transportation during her initial visit to Astapor and the negotiations with Kraznys mo Nakloz, Daenerys uses a litter.[17] Meanwhile, the horses were getting restless within the ships. Irri later reports that the horses are screaming and kicking at the wooden walls.[17]

Daenerys returned to Astapor to continue negotiations with the eight greatest slave traders in the city, partners in the creation and sale of the unsullied. Again she uses her litter to enter and exit the city.[18] The following day, Daenerys rides the silver when entering Astapor. She is once again dressed as a Dothraki. The mare is surrounded on all sides by the trusted followers of the Targaryen: Aggo walking in front of it, Belwas to its right, Missandei to its left, and Mormont right behind it.[18] Daenerys had the silver approach the Plaza of Punishment, allowing the young rider a closer look at the tortured and executed rebellious slaves. She then had the silver turn towards a different direction, towards the Unsullied assembled at the Plaza.[18] Dismounting to complete the transaction, Daenerys receives the harpy's fingers, a nine lashed whip that symbolizes her ownership of the Unsullied. She then mounts the silver again, stands in her stirrups and raises the harpy's fingers for the Unsullied to see. Proclaiming her ownership of the Unsullied.[18]

A touch of her heels sends the silver galloping along the first rank of the assembled Unsullied, making sure that they can both see and hear her. She then redirects the silver towards Kraznys, who is preoccupied with trying to handle the chained Drogon. Still on horseback, Daenerys uses the harpy's fingers to whip Kraznys himself. The signal for her followers and dragons to start attacking. The Unsullied were at first unresponsive to the battle. Daenerys then has the silver galloping in front of them, giving them commands to join the battle. Ordering them to kill the Good Masters, their soldiers, and every man wearing a tokar. The Sack of Astapor then takes place.[18]

Daenerys rides the silver through a birchwood forest and up a slanting sandstone ridge. Her only escort is Mormont.[19] She pulls the reins and stops the mare at the summit of the hill. She wanted to personally inspect the current defenses of her next target, the city of Yunkai. The elevated place gives her a clear look at the fields of the city and the 5000 Yunkish troops gathered there. Mormont points that the flanks of the enemy force consist of two sellsword companies: the Second Sons and the Stormcrows. Together representing 1/5 of the enemy force. After discussing strategy plans, Daenerys redirected the silver, heading back to their camp.[19]

Following a three-day siege of Yunkai, the Wise Masters released a large number of slaves to Daenerys. The Targaryen mounts the silver to greet the new arrivals. The new freedmen start shouting terms for "Mother" in various languages: "Mhysa", "Maela", "Aellala", "Qathei", "Tato", etc. They chant the terms with loud voices, frightening the silver. The mare moves away from them, shakes its head, and lashes its tail. Still many of the freedmen approached, some of them stroking the silver's mane. Remembering the vision in the House of the Undying (see above), Daenerys decides she is currently living it. She uses her heels to command the horse to further approach the slaves. The silver begins moving with a trot, then a canter, and finally with a gallop. The ranks of freedmen part before the mare, offering it a running area between them.[19]

During the Siege of Meereen, Daenerys calls for Missandei to have the silver and the girl's own horse saddled, in preparation for a visit to the camps. Choosing "Arstan Whitebeard" (Barristan Selmy) as her only guard. With all three horses saddled, their riders have them start on the trail. The chosen path takes them along the shoreline, away from the city of Meereen. The tide is coming in, the surf foaming about the feet of the silver. The three of them ride past the fortifications surrounding the camp of the Unsullied, heading south towards the camp of the freedmen. Children run behind the silver and the other two horses, skipping and laughing. A number of adults kneel in their path and are allowed to touch the stirrups of the silver. Daenerys stops the horse to converse with a pregnant woman, and is then assaulted by Mero. He yanked the young rider from the saddle. The silver whinnies and backs away from the assailant.[20]

Following the failed assassination attempt, Daenerys returns to her own tent. Her POV does not indicate whether she rides the silver or returns through other means.[20] During the final attack of Meereen, Daenerys remains in the rear of the army. She sits uppon the silver and wears a chainmail shirt. They are at a distance of 0,5 leagues (2,78 kilometers) from the city, when the sounds of its fall reach them. Daenerys rides into Meereen when the city is already secure, following the crush of its last resistance and the completion of the sacking. Her freedmen remove many corpses from the broken city gate, clearing a path for the silver. Rider and horse pass through the brick street, withnessing the remains of the battle: burned buildings and gutters full of corpses.[21] With Meereen taken, Daenerys takes the Great Pyramid as her seat.[21]

Daenerys recalls dragging the unnamed would-be assassin (see above) behind the silver until there was nothing left of him.[21] Probably confirming that he was the bloody corpse pulled by a silver horse.[14]

A Dance with Dragons

Daenerys rides the silver while visiting the Astapori refugees, camped outside Meereen. The mare is surrounded on all sides by supporters of Daenerys and their own horses: Jhogo riding in front of the her, Aggo and Rakharo riding behind her, Barristan Selmy and his dapple grey to her right, Symon Stripeback and Marselen to her left. Some Astapori kneel while the silver proceeds through their camp. She rides by a man lying in the ground, seemingly covered by a black cloak. With the approach of horse and rider, the cloak dissolves into flies. The man under the "cloak" was one more corpse left unburied. Daenerys dismounts her silver to tend to the sick.[22]

Prior the marriage of Daenerys and Hizdahr zo Loraq Daenerys intends in riding the silver to the Temple of the Graces for the wedding ceremony. However Missandei reminds her that she cannot ride in a tokar. Daenerys sees the sense in this and arranges to be taken to the temple in a sedan chair, rather than ride her silver.[23]

When Ser Barristan goes to have a clandestine meeting with Skahaz mo Kandaq within the Great Pyramid, he makes his way past the elephants and the silver, to the back of the stables.[24] By this point Daenerys has gone missing on Drogon and most of her khalasar have departed Meereen in order to look for their missing queen in the Dothraki Sea. The silver is left behind in Meereen.[24]

Meanwhile Daenerys is somewhere in the Dothraki Sea with Drogon. Astride him in flight she feels as if she learning to ride all over again, comparing and contrasting the reactions of the silver and the black dragon. Whipping the right flank of the silver, would set the mare turning left. Daenerys realises that like all horses, the silver's first instinct is to flee from danger. When using the same move on Drogon, the dragon turns right. Daenerys realizing that being a predator, rather than prey, his own instinct is to attack. The whip itself being a mere annoyance for him.[25] Eventually Dany decides to try to return to Meereen on foot. While walking through the tall grass of the Dothraki Sea Dany is surprised at its height recalling that in never seemed so high from the back of her silver.[25]


Silver for the silver of your hair, the khal says.[2]

Magister Illyrio, to Daenerys Targaryen

She is the pride of the khalasar. Custom decrees that the khaleesi must ride a mount worthy of her place by the side of the khal.[2]

Magister Illyrio

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