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| combatant1 = [[Iron Throne]]<br>
| combatant1 = [[Iron Throne]]<br>
*[[House Lannister]]
*[[House Lannister]]
| commander1 = [[Aerys I Targaryen]]<br>[[Maegor Targaryen]]
| commander1 = [[Aerys I Targaryen]]<br>[[Maekar Targaryen|Prince Maekar]] <br> [[Brynden Rivers|Lord Brynden Rivers]] <br> [[Aerion Brightflame|Prince Aerion]] <br> [[Aegon V Targaryen|Prince Aegon]]
| strength1 =
| strength1 =
| losses1 =
| losses1 =

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Third Blackfyre Rebellion
Part of Blackfyre Pretenders
Date 219 AC
Location Westeros
Result Death of Haegon I Blackfyre
Iron Throne
Golden Company
House Blackfyre
Notable commanders
Aerys I Targaryen
Prince Maekar
Lord Brynden Rivers
Prince Aerion
Prince Aegon
Haegon I Targaryen

The Third Blackfyre Rebellion was a conflict late in the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen.

In 219 AC, Bittersteel launched a new invasion after crowning Haegon Blackfyre. It was late in the reign of King Aerys I Targaryen, who was not very involved in ruling, but his younger brother Maekar's leadership during the conflict was commendable, as was the courage of his youngest son Aegon "Egg" Targaryen. Aerion Brightflame was also active in its events. The war featured the second duel between Bittersteel and Bloodraven. At the end of the final battle Haegon I was dishonorably killed after he surrendered and had given up his sword. Bittersteel was taken captive and in chains to the Red Keep, yet while Brightflame and Bloodraven both urged that he be executed, Aerys I foolishly offered him mercy, sending him north to join the Night's Watch. The Golden Company learned of this through their informants and attacked the prisoner transport as it sailed to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea. Before the year was over, Bittersteel had returned to Tyrosh and crowned Haegon's eldest son as Daemon III Blackfyre.[1]

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