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Alias Toad
Allegiance Night's Watch

Todder, more commonly known as Toad is a member of the Night's Watch. His father owned a winesink, where Toad learned bawdy drinking songs.[1] He is named to the rangers when he is considered ready to the man the Wall.


He is a short, ugly boy with an unpleasant voice. He has pig eyes, small and shiny.[2]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

He is in the same novice class as Jon Snow. Fed up with being beaten daily during sword practice he is among the recruits who confront Jon after practice. The fight was put to an end by Donal Noye.[3] When Gueren is reported to be coming up the Kingsroad with new recruits, Toad is among those chosen to graduate from the novice class.[4] He is named to the rangers.[5] He is among the group of friends who stop Jon from abandoning the Night's Watch and forswearing himself.[6]

References and Notes