Togarion Bar Emmon

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House Bar Emmon.svg
Togarion Bar Emmon
House Bar Emmon.svg
Full name Togarion Bar Emmon
Title King
Personal Information
Alias Togarion the Terrible
Culture Andal
Dynasty House Bar Emmon
Book The World of Ice & Fire (mentioned)

Togarion Bar Emmon, known as Togarion the Terrible, was an Andal warlord who established his own kingdom north of Blackwater Bay during the Andal invasion. He was being hard-pressed by the Darklyn king of Duskendale. Sensing weakness to the south, Togarion took the daughter of Josua Massey and crossed Blackwater bay with all his power to establish a new kingdom on Massey's Hook. He built the castle of Sharp Point at the Hook's end, whilst driving the stormlanders from Stonedance and installing his wife's brother as a puppet king.[1]


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