Tommard Heddle

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Tommard Heddle
Alias Black Tom Heddle
Title Ser
Allegiance House Heddle
House Butterwell
House Blackfyre
Died In 211 AC, at Whitewalls
Book(s) The Mystery Knight (appears)
Personal Arms A green winged demon[1]

Ser Tommard Heddle, better known as Black Tom Heddle, was a knight and the son-in-law of Lord Ambrose Butterwell. He had a fierce reputation.[2]


He had a deep voice. He was bald, had a black beard and boils on his cheek and neck. When in armor he wore a helm with a likeness of a scaled demon atop it, slavering.[2]


It is said he won the hand of Lord Ambrose's eldest daughter by killing three of her other suitors. He once unhorsed Lord Damon Lannister in a tourney. Tommard commanded the garrison at Whitewalls.[2]

The Second Blackfyre Rebellion

As the son-in-law of Lord Ambrose Butterwell, Black Tom Heddle attended his wedding to the daughter of Lord Frey, and the tourney that celebrated the marriage. He conspired with Lord Gormon Peake to unveil Daemon II Blackfyre at the end of the tourney, attempting to ensure Daemon's victory and acquiring the dragon egg that was promised to the victor. During the Whitewalls Tourney, he defeated all comers, doing off with those like Ser Clarence Charlton with ease.[2] When news that the son of Prince Maekar was within the castle reached Ser Tommard, he came at once to the sept where Egg was held by Lord Ambrose. There he attempted to take Egg prisoner, but he was killed in the attempt by Ser Duncan the Tall.[2]


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