Tommard Heddle

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Tommard Heddle
Alias Black Tom Heddle[1]
Culture Rivermen
Died In 212 ACWhitewalls[1]
Spouse Eldest daughter of Ambrose Butterwell[1]
Personal arms A green-winged demon[2]
Book The Mystery Knight (appears)

Tommard Heddle, known as Black Tom, was a knight from the Heddle family. He was the son-in-law of Lord Ambrose Butterwell of Whitewalls.[1]

Appearance and Character

Tommard was heavyset, broad, and barrel chested. His bald head was also broad, and he had a coal-black square beard. Tom had red boils on his cheek and neck. His voice was a deep bass, angry and rumbling.[1]

Tom wore black plate over boiled leather, and his helm resembled a scaled and slavering demon.[1] He carried a longsword.[1] His large horse was armored in a coat of ringmail.[1]

Black Tom had a fierce reputation, and he mocked his opponents.[1]



According to Uthor Underleaf, Ser Tommard won the hand of Lord Ambrose Butterwell's eldest daughter by killing three of her other suitors, and he once unhorsed Lord Damon Lannister in a tourney. Tommard commanded the garrison at Whitewalls, seat of House Butterwell.[1]

Second Blackfyre Rebellion

Tommard attended the wedding tourney at Whitewalls which celebrated Lord Ambrose Butterwell's marriage to the daughter of Lord Frey. Black Tom conspired with Lord Gormon Peake to unveil "Ser John the Fiddler" as Daemon II Blackfyre at the end of the tourney, attempting to ensure Daemon's victory and acquiring the dragon egg that was promised to the victor. Tom defeated all comers, doing off with those like Ser Clarence Charlton with ease. After the dragon's egg was reported missing, Black Tom struck Ser Glendon Ball with his mailed fist while arresting him for the crime.[1]

Ambrose admitted to Ser Duncan the Tall that Gormon and Tommard had convinced him to join the Second Blackfyre Rebellion. When news that the son of Prince Maekar was within the castle reached Tommard, he came at once to the sept where Duncan's squire Egg, actually Prince Aegon Targaryen, was held by Lord Ambrose. Duncan protected Aegon when Tom attempted to take the prince hostage against Ambrose's wishes. Although Tommard was able to wound Duncan early in their fight, the hedge knight responded by repeatedly smashing Tom with his shield. Duncan then cut Tommard's thigh, chopped off his forearm, and stabbed him in the throat.[1]

After Lord Brynden Rivers subdued the rebellion, the severed heads of Gormon and Tom were impaled on spears before the pavilion of the Hand of the King.[1]

Quotes by Tommard

Easier to speak of victories than win them.[1]

—Tommard to Gormon Peake

Not all of us have milk running in our veins, your lordship.[1]

—Tommard to Ambrose Butterwell

Quotes about Tommard

A nasty bit of business, that one.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Tommard may be a reference by George R. R. Martin to Black Tom Cassidy, a Marvel Comics supervillain.