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Dorne and the location of the Torentine
Dorne and the location of the Torentine
Dorne and the location of the Torentine

The Torentine[1] or Torrentine[2][3][4] is a river in Dorne which flows south from the western Red Mountains to the Summer Sea.


The castles of Blackmont, High Hermitage, and Starfall are located on the Torentine.[5] It is formed by the confluence of two rivers near Blackmont. It is a fast river which passes through a series of rapids, waterfalls, canyons, and crevasses.[2]


The founder of House Dayne is said to have raised Starfall on an island at the river's mouth, having tracked a falling star there. The Daynes ruled as Kings of the Torrentine from the days of the First Men[3] until the defeat of King Vorian Dayne in Nymeria's War.[6]

There were reports that Rhaena Targaryen and her dragon, Dreamfyre, were seen as far south as the Red Mountains and the canyons of the Torrentine during her search for the missing Aerea Targaryen.[4]


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