Torghen Flint

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Torghen Flint
  • The Flint
  • Old Flint
  • Lord Flint
Allegiance the first Flints
Book A Dance with Dragons

Lord Torghen Flint, known as The Flint, or Old Flint clan chief of the first Flints, a mountain clan in the North. He's the father of Donnel and Artos Flint, each by a different woman. [1]


A stout gruff man with gnarled, red-knuckled hands as big as hams, leaning heavily on a blackthorn cane.

A Dance with Dragons

He sends aid for Stannis Baratheon when the king marches on the ironborn held Deepwood Motte. He has his sons march with Stannis on Winterfell but is too old to go himself.

He later journeys to the Wall to attend the wedding of Alys Karstark and Sigorn the Magnar of Thenn and enjoys the southern wine at the feast.

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