Torgon Greyiron

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Torgon Greyiron
Biographical Information
Full Name Torgon Greyiron
Titles Iron King
King of the Iron Islands
Royal House House Greyiron

Torgon Greyiron, also known as Torgon the Latecomer, was a King of the Iron Islands who ruled during the Age of Heroes. He was a member of House Greyiron and son of the King. When his father died, Torgon had been away raiding along the Mander from his stronghold in Greyshield. His brothers sent him no word of the kingsmoot, hoping that one of them would be chosen. However Urragon Goodbrother was chosen instead and later had all of Torgon's brothers killed. When Torgon returned he denounced the kingsmoot as unlawful and revolted against Urragon, with the aid of priests, lords and Urragon's own captains. Torgon ruled for forty years.