Torrence Teague

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Torrence Teague
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Biographical Information
Full Name Torrence I Teague
Titles King of the Trident
Culture Rivermen
Royal House House Teague
Books The World of Ice and Fire

Torrence Teague was an adventurer of uncertain birth who resulted victorious in the century-long conflict hat arose on in the Riverlands after the death of Bernarr II Justman. he was the founder of House Teague. Having seized a fortune in gold in an attack upon the Westerlands, he used this wealth to bring large numbers of sellswords from across the Narrow Sea. After six years of war, Torrence was crowned King of the Trident at Maidenpool. However, he was so little loved he was forced to keep sons and daughters of the Riverlords as hostages to ensure their loyalty.[1]

References and Notes

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