Tristifer IV Mudd

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Tristifer IV
Biographical Information
Coronation Tristifer, the Fourth of His Name, King of the Rivers and the Hills
Full Name Tristifer IV Mudd
Titles The Hammer of Justice
Buried At Oldstones
Royal House House Mudd
Successor Tristifer V Mudd
Issue Tristifer V Mudd

King Tristifer IV Mudd, also known as the Hammer of Justice, was the fourth King of the Rivers and the Hills to bear that name. His crypt lies among the ruins of Oldstones.[1]


He ruled from the Trident to the Neck in the era where the First Men were being attacked and overrun by the Andal invasion. He fought one hundred battles, winning ninety-nine and losing one. The one battle he lost was his last, where seven Andal kings attacked simultaneously. He raised the castle that became known as Oldstones, where it was the strongest in Westeros at the time of its construction. He was succeeded by his son, Tristifer V Mudd.[2]


His appearance can only be gleamed from the description of his tomb. He had worn a beard and bore a warhammer.[3]

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