Tristifer IV Mudd

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House Mudd.svg King
Tristifer IV Mudd
the Hammer of Justice
House Mudd.svg
King Tristifer IV is defeated
Art by Roman Papsuev
Full name Tristifer of House Mudd, the Fourth of His Name
Title King of the Rivers and the Hills
Successor Tristifer V Mudd
Personal Information
Alias The Hammer of Justice
Buried At Oldstones
Dynasty House Mudd
Issue Tristifer V Mudd

Tristifer IV Mudd, also known as the Hammer of Justice, was the fourth King of the Rivers and the Hills to bear that name. A monarch of the First Men from House Mudd, his crypt lies among the ruins of Oldstones.[1]


Tristifer's appearance can only be gleaned from the description of his tomb. He wore a beard and bore a warhammer.[1]


Catelyn and Robb come upon King Tristifer's tomb at Oldstones.
Art by onionjulius

Tristifer ruled from the Trident to the Neck in the era when the First Men were being attacked and overrun in the Andal invasion. He raised the castle that became known as Oldstones, the strongest in Westeros at the time of its construction.

Tristifer was the last truly great king of the First Men in the Riverlands. When Roland II Arryn, the King of Mountain and Vale, invaded the riverlands, Tristifer smashed his forces and forced the Valemen into retreat. One of Roland's allies then betrayed him to the river king, and Tristifer beheaded Roland at Oldstones.[2]

Tristifer is said to have fought one hundred battles, winning ninety-nine and losing one. The Tullys fought alongside him in many of his campaigns. The one battle Tristifer lost was his last, where seven Andal kings attacked simultaneously; the greatest of the conquerors was Armistead Vance.[3] Tristifer was succeeded by his son, Tristifer V Mudd, the last of House Mudd.[1]


Old Tristifer don't mind my bony arse. The Hammer of Justice, they called him. Been a long while since he heard any new songs.[4]

Tom of Sevenstreams's reply, after being told to get off Tristifer's sepulchre by Merrett Frey


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